How To Become More Self-Sufficient

Last Updated: September 26, 2021

Self-sufficient living.

We all hear the term thrown around, but what does it really mean? 

It could mean a lot of different things.

Which is what I’m wanting to explore and explain to you through this post.

So let’s walk through what self-sufficiency is and what it could mean for you.

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Self-Sufficient Living

Self-Sufficiency Meaning

Self-sufficiency is a broad lifestyle that can look very different and be common ground for a wide variety of people. There are many paths to get there.

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How To Become More Self-Sufficient

If you are just starting out on your journey to self-sufficiency I would tell you to focus on one thing at time.

Learn how to do it very well, then you can add another thing.

There’s no rush here.

It can be overwhelming to try to learn everything at once.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Food

Vertical Garden

Food is probably one of the easiest needs to meet in a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

Plus, all you need is a few seeds and a little knowledge, and you are on your way to growing as much food as your space will allow.

Here are some helpful articles for you:

2. Shelter

Off Grid Cabin

You will need to secure some type of long-term residence. 

Here are some helpful articles on the subject:

Next onto our list…

3. Water

Self Sufficient Water System

I’m a prepper, and so if you’re a bit like me you probably know that things can happen quickly in this world.

For instance, every year there are power outages that can last a long time.

We were once without power for days.

This means no electricity or water because we use a well. This made me think because had I not been storing water, we would’ve been up a creek.

(That’s one of the main reason I became a prepper btw)

So think about your water source, okay? 

Do you have water stored in case of an emergency?

Do you have a water source on your property?

If not, here are some great ressources to help you get started:

4. Energy

I’m all about living frugally so the idea that I can produce my own electricity and pay less per month than what I do to the power company make me happy.

But I also love the fact, that once my off grid power sources (solar, wind or other)  are paid for, I get free energy.

This brings me a lot of freedom (and proud) because regardless of what is going on in the world, I’ve still got electricity.

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If you don’t have $20,000 laying around to install solar panels (I sure didn’t), here is what I did instead to reduce my utility bill every month.

5. Finances

Make money homesteading

You need to think of ways to secure your finances.

I don’t just mean getting out of debt and living within your means.

I mean you should also find ways to create income on your own so even if you lose your job next week, you aren’t left without any income flowing in.

Here are 39 Ways You Can Make Extra Money While Homesteading or Farming.

The basic theme of self-sufficiency is to live smaller (house, car, possessions, etc.) and need less.

If you can learn to be content with very little then you will probably find it easier to be more self-sufficient.

After all, the sweetest things in life aren’t power, money and possessions, but relationships, experiences, memories and connections.

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