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How to Build a Sustainable Food Garden for Long-Term Survival Preparedness

Learn from a wizened survivalist on how to build a sustainable food garden geared towards long-term survival preparedness. From planning and soil preparation to selecting the right crops and setting up a reliable watering system, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the skills needed for self-sufficiency and long-term survival.

Harnessing the Sun: A Comprehensive Guide to Watering Your Garden with a Solar-Powered System

Embrace the freedom and sustainability of off-grid living by setting up your own solar and wind energy systems. This comprehensive guide walks you through the essential components and steps to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Are you ready to make the leap into a more sustainable lifestyle?

100 Days: Your Eighth Week in No-More Processed Foods [#8/14]

In Week Eight, the world becomes your culinary oyster. You’re not just cooking anymore; you’re creating an international culinary experience right in your own kitchen. Imagine enjoying a homemade curry, fragrant with spices that you’ve ground yourself, or a plate of fresh pasta that you’ve made from scratch. These aren’t just meals; they’re a ticket to the flavors of distant lands, all without leaving your home. The skills you’ve gained this week don’t just add to your palate—they add to your toolkit for survival and well-being. Just as spices can preserve and flavor food, your newfound knowledge preserves your freedom of choice and flavors your path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

How to Build a High Tensile Aluminum Fence

These fences resist common damage like rot and rust, minimizing upkeep efforts. Occasional inspections and simple cleaning are usually sufficient to keep the fence in good condition.

Ham Radio: A Complete Build Guide

Before diving into building a Ham Radio setup, understanding the basic equipment is crucial. The primary components include a

100 Days: Your Seventh Week in No-More Processed Foods [#7/14]

Week seven of our 100-day journey into a whole foods lifestyle dives into the traditional art of fermentation and preservation. From making homemade sauerkraut to exploring various pickling techniques, this week opens a world of culinary creativity. Learn the skills and techniques that connect you with a heritage of self-reliance, taste, and health. Join us as we continue to embrace natural, nutritious foods and enrich our diets.

100 Days: Your Sixth Week in No-More Processed Foods [#6/14]

In Week Five, you’ve added a new layer to your culinary journey by mastering essential knife skills and understanding kitchen tools. You are not only preparing meals that nourish the body but also growing in self-sufficiency, artistry, and enjoyment of the process.

Week 5

Sharpening Your Skills: Week Five of Your Journey to a Processed-Free Life [#5/14]

Join us in Week Five of your 100-day journey to freedom from processed foods! Master essential knife skills, understand vital kitchen tools, and enhance your culinary artistry. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to create nutritious and delicious meals that nourish both body and soul.

Answering the Call of the Wild Amid Superconductors, Non-Natural Covid-19, and UFOs

This article explores the intertwined narratives of recent global events – the discovery of superconductor LK99, the ongoing controversies around Covid-19 origins, and a Congressional hearing on UFOs. It discusses how these developments are influencing lifestyle choices towards rural homesteading, harnessing modern technologies for self-reliance and sustainability. The piece underscores the intertwined nature of science, politics, and public perception in the face of these events and points to the importance of preparedness in an ever-evolving world.

Prepping in the Unpredictable Future, By a Wizened Survivalist

As society experiences the unprecedented transformation of the Great Resignation and the Great Exodus, many are trading corporate life and urban dwelling for a self-sufficient, rural lifestyle. Over the next five years, we predict a surge in this trend, with growing interest in traditional survival skills, resource management, and self-reliance. As this movement grows, we also foresee challenges such as land management disputes and zoning regulations. Throughout this transformation, the American Patriot Survivalist will continue to guide, inform, and inspire those seeking to navigate this brave new world.