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100 Days: Your Eighth Week in No-More Processed Foods [#8/14]

Last Updated: September 8, 2023

Welcome to Week Eight of Embracing a Whole Foods Lifestyle!

If last week’s focus on fermentation and preservation felt like stepping back in time, Week Eight will feel like a world tour on your dining table. We are going to explore the vibrant and diverse world of global cuisines. Just because you’re eliminating processed foods doesn’t mean you have to eliminate flavor—in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Week Eight Focuses on Global Flavors

Our planet is rich with culinary traditions that not only tantalize the taste buds but also offer a plethora of health benefits. This week, we dive into recipes that bring a world of flavors to your kitchen, from the aromatic spices of Indian curry to the hearty textures of Mediterranean cuisine.

Global Flavors Breakdown

Spices and Herbs – Understand the essential spices for different world cuisines. Cooking Techniques – Master the unique methods used in various global kitchens. Balancing Flavors – Learn the art of mixing sweet, sour, spicy, and savory. Regional Ingredients – Identify and source key ingredients unique to specific global dishes.

Skills to Master

Stir-Frying – Get acquainted with this quick and healthy Asian cooking technique. Slow Cooking – Delve into the world of stews and braised dishes, a staple in many cultures. Fresh Pasta – Take an Italian excursion by making your own pasta from scratch. Ceviche – Learn this Latin American technique of “cooking” fish with citrus. Curry Making – Unleash the power of spices in traditional Indian curries. Week Eight Recipe: Freshly-Made Curry

Our recipe this week brings the intricate flavors of India to your kitchen with a curry that you’ll make from scratch.


Chicken, tofu, or vegetables Assorted spices (turmeric, cumin, coriander) Coconut milk Fresh ginger and garlic


Marinate your choice of chicken, tofu, or vegetables in a spice blend of your choice. Sauté fresh ginger and garlic in a pan. Add your marinated ingredients and stir well. Pour in coconut milk and let simmer until ingredients are cooked through and flavors meld together. Serve with whole grain rice or freshly-made naan. Budget for Week Eight

Item Description Approximate Cost

Week 8

– Spices & Special Ingredients

~$120 Running Total for Food & Storage Items ~$2,310

Why This is Essential for Prepping

Delving into global cuisines is not just a gastronomic adventure—it’s a strategic move for prepping. Developing a wide range of cooking skills and becoming familiar with various types of ingredients means you’re less reliant on a single source of food or a specific set of skills. Knowing how to make a curry, for instance, gives you another way to use your stored spices and canned goods, turning what might be monotonous emergency rations into a flavorful and enjoyable meal. Furthermore, many traditional dishes from around the world are designed to make the most of available resources, which aligns well with a prepping mentality focused on sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Final Thoughts on Week Eight

With Week Eight behind you, your culinary horizons have now expanded exponentially. From savoring Asian stir-fries to enjoying Mediterranean spreads, your commitment to a whole foods lifestyle is becoming a passport to the world’s best flavors, all while maintaining a focus on health and well-being.

In our next section, we’ll be moving from global excursions back to basics, focusing on the power of plant-based proteins as an essential part of your diet. Get ready to discover a wealth of options for keeping your meals diverse, delicious, and nutrient-rich.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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