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Pemmican as an Alternative Survival Food

Greetings, fellow survivalists! Today, let’s talk about pemmican – the ultimate survival food that has been sustaining humans for centuries. Pemmican is a high-energy food made from dried meat, fat,…

The Best Emergency Food Supply You Can Buy in 2023

From foraging out in the boonies to now, food has been evolving to suit humankind’s evergrowing needs. Technology has produced

Why Do I Get Maggots In My Rice?

Rice doesn’t turn into maggots because it isn’t alive. When pests like beetles, weevils, or moths lay eggs that later hatch into larvae throughout the larval stage and infest rice,…

25 Make-Ahead Camping Meals for Great Camping Experiences

Everything that can be cooked, canned, dried, or otherwise stored can be done before leaving for your camping trip, which is the best part of prepping! You’ll have everything you need before you need it.

What would you put on your camping food list?

100 Days: Your Third Week in No-More Processed-Foods [#3/14]

Eliminating processed foods from your diet benefits you in

100 Days: Your Fourth Week in No-More Processed Foods [#4/14]

In an ideal storage that isn’t for doomsday prep, a good standard of water storage is three: nicely-packaged water bottles, a great mid-sized water gallon container that can go anywhere, and a water setup outside that’ll filter your water (some setups can be

How to Store Flour Long Term

Flour is available in the powdered form obtained by grinding solid materials like rice, wheat, and many more. It makes many dishes like bread, cake, and pastry. You can use…

How to Store Dry Pasta Long Term (At least 25 years)

Pasta is one of the snacks loved by children, which is prepared with unleavened wheat flour dough. People prepare it by mixing water and eggs. Several types of shapes are…

How to Store Coffee Long Term (At least 25 years)

Being a prepper, you might want to store products for a long time. This article will tell you how to store Coffee long-term, i.e., 25 years, as coffee is an…

Peasant Bread: The Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Peasant Bread If you’re planning on having bread with your meals on a regular basis, this recipe is perfect for you. When access…