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Prepping in the Unpredictable Future, By a Wizened Survivalist

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

Greetings fellow survivalists, preppers, and to the youthful vanguards of Generation Z seeking liberation from the urban constraints. I am Max Weber, your faithful guide, and the Managing Editor of American Patriot Survivalist. Today, I invite you to walk with me into the near future, as we attempt to predict and prepare for the twists and turns of the next half-decade.

It’s a journey for which we are uniquely qualified. We’ve learned the skill of vigilance, of anticipating the unexpected, of being able to adapt, survive, and thrive. We’ve seen the world change around us, and we’ve borne witness to a movement that’s swept the globe: the Great Resignation and the Urban Exodus.

What’s It Called When a Large Number of People Leave Big Cities?

Urban Exodus. In 2022, according to multiple sources including Yahoo Finance, “Ex-urban counties saw the biggest increase across the board, with about 80% gaining population. These counties are defined as areas with a population smaller than 50,000, at least 25 percent of their population in a large or medium-sized suburb, and must be in a metro with a population of 500,000 or higher.”

What’s the Great Resignation?

In this era of unprecedented transformation, where scores of individuals are shedding their corporate shackles, we see an exodus like never before. Office cubicles are being traded for home offices or workshops, and skyscraper views replaced by endless green horizons. This massive shift in lifestyle and profession isn’t just a trend; it’s an awakening of a collective desire for self-sufficiency, freedom, and a return to the basics.

The choice to embrace the prepper lifestyle may seem daunting to newcomers. But those of us who’ve long lived by the survivalist’s creed understand that it’s not about fear, but about empowerment. We prepare, not because we are sure calamity will befall us, but because we know that when adversity strikes, we will be ready.

As we look ahead to the next five years, we foresee an ever-growing surge in this trend of self-sufficiency. The ability to generate your own power, to grow your own food, to build your own home, and to safeguard your own health, will not only be seen as admirable traits but necessary skills in this new world order.

The decline in urban dwelling will spark a renewed interest in traditional survival skills. Many will learn the art of foraging, the science of water purification, and the intricacies of renewable energy. Concurrently, as more individuals seek to equip themselves with these abilities, we anticipate a boom in localized communities fostering such knowledge exchanges.

What’s Technology Got to Do With Prepping?

Everything. Technology will be our ally in this endeavor. The next wave of survivalism will see an amalgamation of age-old wisdom and cutting-edge tech. From AI-based gardening assistants to portable solar generators and from blockchain-based barter systems to advanced water filtration devices, the prepper of the future will be as comfortable with a smartphone as with a hand axe.

However, with such seismic shifts in societal structure, challenges are bound to emerge. Land management disputes, zoning regulations, and resource management will become key areas of contention and require innovative solutions. It will be a time of testing, a time that will separate the true preppers from the rest.

Our Pledge

In all this, the role of the American Patriot Survivalist will be to guide, inform, and inspire. As we always have, we will strive to bring you the latest, most reliable information to assist you on this journey. We will continue to advocate for policies and regulations that promote self-sufficiency and safeguard our rights.

In these transformative times, our community’s motto stands truer than ever: “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.” As the world around us evolves, so too must our strategies and tactics. We’ve survived many a storm before, and we will weather the ones yet to come. Because we are preppers. We are survivalists. We are resilient. The future is ours to navigate. So, let’s march forward, prepared and unbowed.

“Always Be Ready” Max

Managing Editor, American Patriot Survivalist

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