What Size Generator Do I Need

One of the emergencies you’re most likely to encounter is a power outage. While you can survive a brief power outage, a home generator is a must-have item in your…

Pepper Spray vs Taser

A self-defense weapon known as pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, an oily extract of pepper plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. The attacker’s eyes would inflame, temporarily impairing their ability…

Nuclear Survival

Short-lived radionuclides outside the body, typically restricted to the area downstream of the weapon burst site, account for most of the radiation risk from nuclear explosions. This radiation risk is…

The Gray Man Theory Defined

As the human eye is attracted to movement, the Gray Man/Woman Theory is stealth. The art of invisibility begins with

Can Salt Water or Seawater Be Boiled To Render It Drinkable?

Only around 2.5% of the Earth’s surface is covered by freshwater, about 71% of all water. Naturally, this indicates that seawater or saltwater makes up the great bulk of the…

The Dangers of Burying a Shipping Container for Shelter

For the present, a shipping container as an underground bunker? Are we being

11 Rules for Survival Prepping

Focus on the needs of the people in your group: you, your family, and your trusted inner circle. Build your sustainability around their long-term needs, in line with what you need today. Practice preparedness without

Over 100,000 Pages of Free Survival eBooks & PDFs (and video)

Clean, easy-to-find links to exactly what we’re looking for are starting to become harder and harder. We hope that these efforts in preserving the organization and collection of humankind’s knowledge on the Internet remain easy and accessible to

Where are the Best Places to Hide During Martial Law?

If governments feel the need, martial law is an option for them to employ in order to maintain law and order and control. Few people fully understand martial law and what it could

100 Ways to Use Bamboo Leaves

Bamboo leaves have a plentiful combination of chemical compounds. As an excellent source of curative drugs for clinical and physiological treatment, humans and livestock benefit from eating bamboo leaves. In…