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How To Build A Tiny Off Grid Cabin For $2k

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

How to build a nice tiny cabin powered by solar panels.

LaMar Alexander came from a farmsteading family and was raised on self-sufficiency. He enjoys gardening and raising animals, as well as being self-sufficient. After college, he tried urban life but was dissatisfied with the 9-to-5 schedule. As a result, at the age of 35, he made a decision to alter his

“I had a wake up call,” he explains, “that made me realize that what I really wanted was a simple homestead cabin and to eliminate my dependence on the system, so I could live sustainably while I pursued my dreams.”

Then Alexander built a house. A very small, 14 ft. x 14 ft. house.

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An off-the-grid house that runs on solar and wind power. It took him around $2,000 to construct it. The front steps, front porch, and solar system are not included in the price.

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Alexander didn’t require a lot of space indoors, but he did need modern conveniences such as a cell phone, Internet connection, electric lights, indoor toilet and shower.

My tiny home is simple to maintain and extremely low-cost to heat and cool, according to Alexander. He has no utility costs because of some solar panels he installed.

“I now have the freedom to pursue my dreams,” he says, “and the money I make stays in my pocket and can be used for vacations or to help my family and for a secure retirement. That is the freedom that an off-grid lifestyle makes possible.”

The whole system is incredibly low-cost, and the best thing is that he has no mortgage.

Lamar Alexander created this charming little 400 square foot cabin for $2000, and it runs on a 570 watt solar and wind power system.

Tiny Off Grid Cabin DIY

How To Build A Tiny Cabin And Live Off The Grid

Tiny Off Grid Cabin

At the corners, Lamar started with concrete deck piers and 2×6 and 2×8 floor joists. The corner posts are 10-foot 4x4s. To keep the cabin warm in the winter, he insulated the floor.

Tiny Off Grid Cabin

Lamar then built the walls using 2x4s placed 16 inches apart covered in wall sheeting. The cabin includes a loft built with 14-foot 2×6 boards.

Tiny Off Grid CabinTiny Off Grid Cabin

Here’s a sketch of how Lamar designed the roof rafters.

Tiny Off Grid Cabin

The cabin with the roof rafters up and windows and doors in place. The roof was then covered in particle board and tar paper before shingling.

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Tiny Off Grid Cabin

His materials came in at just under $2000, not including the door and windows.

This is a great example of a small, sustainable cabin affordable enough for anyone!

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