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EMP Protection Plan – How To Prepare For A Magnetic Pulse Attack

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

Are you ready to survive an EMP?

An EMP, or Electro Magnetic Pulse, is one of the more frightening survival situations that preppers must be concerned about.

When a nuclear weapon is detonated high in the atmosphere, EMP is created.

Although all nuclear weapons produce EMP, it is extremely powerful when detonated high in the atmosphere and can cause electronics to fail and the electricity grid to collapse across the whole country.

Because of this, many preppers are concerned about EMP protection for their electronics.

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Now, It’s Time To Take Action.

Because a large electromagnetic pulse assault is a genuine risk.

That’s why you’ll need an EMP protection program like this one.

Let’s have a look at some information and how to protect your delicate electronic equipment from an EMP attack.

EMP Protection

What Is An Electro Magnetic Pulse

EMP Protection

When a conductor goes through a magnetic field, it generates an electrical current.

This useful technology is used in power plants all around the world to generate electricity. Similarly, when a moving magnetic field passes across a conductor, it creates current.

EMP is the technical term for this phenomenon. It sounds complex; it sounds like something complicated.

But at first, it doesn’t appear to be all that terrible.

But don’t be fooled: it’s true and frightening. Because what happens if the magnetic field generated passes through a wire is that

There may be a large pulse that might cause the wire to break.

A pulse with such strength that it could damage delicate wiring in tiny electronics. Microelectronics are destroyed by an electrical discharge when exposed to a powerful magnetic field.

I’m talking about everything being burnt to the ground. An EMP assault is caused by the burning of electrical components.

Ever wondered if you live close to a potential nuclear target?

Even if you live in a small town or rural area… don’t think you are safe. Not all strategic targets are in heavily populated areas.

Find out if your county is close to ground zero.

US Nuclear Target Map. Do You Live in The Danger Zone?

Some (Troubling) Facts About EMP

EMP Protection

The first thing we must examine is the paucity of knowledge about EMP and its consequences.

The majority of what we know about nuclear testing comes from American and Soviet nuclear tests conducted in the 1960s.

After that time, data and information are still extremely confidential, so all we have to go on is what has been revealed from this earlier era of tests.

However, this data, as well as a few recent facts, is sufficient to create some reasonable predictions. The second thing we must realize is that an HEMP assault on the United States is extremely unlikely.

Experts predict that 70% – 90% of Americans would be dead within 12 – 18 months after an EMP attack. 

Because of this, many people are preoccupied with the dangers associated with electricity.y and the delocalization of resources, like food, water and sanitation abilities.

EMP is survivable, but you must begin to prepare for it right away.

There is no warning or indication of EMP prior to its occurrence, and there is no way to “finish prepping” once it occurs. EMP is a one-time deal.

It’s lights out for good the next second after an EMP attack.

Is your home ready?

This prepper’s house can handle 3 months of food and water shortages.

It can withstand long periods without electricity caused by an EMP or other natural disasters. And it’s well protected from looters and desperate “zombies”.


Because of 25 simple projects he built from scratch. Like this generator made from used car parts.

And many others, like an underground greenhouse, a water mill, a DIY crossbow and even a flamethrower.

Click here to discover 25 DIY projects for long term survival

Who Is Threatening Us And How

EMP Protection

An adversary with nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities might launch an electromagnetic event at the United States, which would be the target of such an attack.

Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran are some of the prominent nation-state actors that have the capacity to target America’s electronic infrastructure with an HEMP.

A HEMP attack’s severity is determined by the altitude at which the explosion takes place (see below).

However, terrorist organizations and rogue nations, such as Iran, have access to portable EMP devices that can still harm the United States.

A top-secret Israeli nuclear facility at the heart of the country’s undeclared nuclear weapons program is getting its biggest building project in years, according to a news report, satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press show.

What Can (Will) Cause A Massive EMP Attack

EMP Protection

A hydrogen bomb is one method to generate a big EMP pulse.

The energy released by a nuclear explosion generates a substantial electromagnetic pulse.

This radiated outward in all directions.

The amount of electricity in the pulse is not enough to cause significant damage. The nuclear blast does not have to be huge to generate an harmful EMP.

At least one hazardous for our computer buddies, but not nearly so for us.

Unlike the radiation from a nuclear blast, an EMP is not harmful to people.

Unless you have a pacemaker or any other piece of medical equipment that requires electrical current.

However, it will wreak havoc on virtually all unshielded electrical components.

High Altitude Detonations Explained

EMP Protection

An EMP pulse is a line of sight phenomenon.

As a result, if the nuclear explosion occurs high in the atmosphere, it may cover a wide area.

High-altitude nuclear explosions are not the goal of most nuclear weapons. Because high-altitude detonations have little impact on the enemy and minimal fallout.

The EMP, on the other hand, would travel in whatever direction its line of sight went. Covering hundreds of square miles!

It’s true that the EMP fades with distance. However, it may still be powerful enough at hundreds of kilometers to destroy most microelectronics.

Making the nuclear EMP a near-perfect weapon for terrorist and rogue nations.

Here’s an interesting question.

  • Would you want to destroy one city or many?
  • Or would you prefer to take out the electrical infrastructure for thousands of cities?
  • If you were a terrorist organization and only had access to one nuclear weapon. Would you want to detonate it high enough to ruin the power grids for hundreds of townships?

Aside from nuclear weapons, there are EMP-generating machines.

These are referred to as “explosively pumped flux compression generators.”

These devices use electromagnetic physics to produce powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiation.

The goal is to create an electromagnetic pulse in a coil wrapped around a metal core.

Using explosives, the coil is compressed into the core at the same time.

Because of the altered core shape, the electromagnetic field is compressed. EMPs (whether nuclear or flux compression) have the potential to make a significant impact on society.

How To Protect Yourself From An EMP Attack?

There are a lot of natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free.

And one of them is near your home.

See What’s the Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?

EMP Protection For Your Electronics

There are many EMP survival strategies. Electrical shielding is one of them.

An EMP shield may protect against an electromagnetic pulse if it’s encased in a grounded cable.

The way to do so is to use the earth as a return path for the charge. This will cause a current in the shield and safely release it into the ground.

What about smaller items, like microelectronics, that require protection?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create an inexpensive Faraday cage to safeguard your electronic goods.

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What is a Faraday cage?
EMP Protection

The Faraday cage is named for Michael Faraday, the 19th-century scientist who discovered its electromagnetic-wave-shielding capabilities.

At a low investment, you may make effective simple Faraday cages that are just as effective as those used by the government.

All it takes is a few everyday items.

A Faraday cage shields its contents from EMPs by keeping electromagnetic energy out.

A fine copper mesh and solid aluminum are combined in more expensive Faraday units.

You may make your own at home with aluminum foil and a galvanized steel trash can.

By the way, there’s no need for a Faraday cage to be a cage.

It’s simply anything that blocks electromagnetic radiation.

The most essential thing to remember is that you may test the effectiveness of a container in shielding electromagnetic frequencies simply by using an AM/FM radio.

  1. Set the radio to a powerful FM station and turn up the volume.
  2. Put it in the Faraday cage and listen to see if the radio station is still audible. If it doesn’t work, don’t get too hyped; FM signals are rather easy to shield against.
  3. Set the AM mode to “on.” Next, retest by tuning to a strong AM radio station. The low frequency of AM waves is particularly effective at passing through objects.

If you can’t hear the AM station any more, it’s a good indication.

Anything that can block strong AM and FM radio signals would be effective as a Faraday cage.

However, keep in mind that the strength of these transmissions in your house is relatively low (unless you reside near a radio tower).

Why Microwave And Mylar Bag Are Useless Against An EMP

It’s also worth noting that you’ll come across films on the internet where people put their cell phones in a microwave, a Mylar bag, or any other sort of “Faraday” shielding to demonstrate how effective it is.

The weakest cell signals are also the simplest to disrupt. These experiments are not suitable for EMP protection.

When my iPhone is placed right next to the wireless router, a food-grade Mylar bag does not prevent 11 watts of WiFi radiation from reaching it (a 2.4 GHz frequency). It will not stop the harmful EMP pulse.

EMP Protection For Your Car

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, the Rezvani Tank is EMP proof and costs about $1,500. I think it’s also quite nice. What do you think?

You can buy an EMP shield for your vehicle if you don’t have $350k to spend on the Rezvani tank – so that your car’s electrical components don’t get fried.

It’s simple to install with just three cables: one from each terminal on the car’s battery and one from the vehicle’s ground. Most individuals should be able to finish it in 20 minutes.

If this interests you, you can learn more about the EMP shield right here.

What Happens After A Massive EMP Strike

EMP Protection

Once you’ve secured your devices with the help of this guide, you’ll be ready.

Assume that you were aware ahead of time that an attack was on its way and took these security precautions.

So, let’s suppose that you did. You swiftly grab your fully operational cell phone from your Faraday Cage.

Presto: You’ve got one of the few working cell phones on the North American continent.

Congratulations! You’ve got a four-hour charge on your phone, which is fantastic.

Now where are you going to plug in your charger (because you remember to add a charging station to your Faraday cage, right)?

  • That’s fine. I’ve got a generator at home – nope, it was fried by EMP.
  • But I do have home solar panels (or a solar phone charger) – nope – fried by EMP.
  • I installed a windmill – try again – the inverter is fried.

In the end, I’d say this is a no-brainer. The simple answer is that you won’t have any machines running for long if you don’t have electricity.

This might be because of natural calamities (such as floods) or due to sabotage by hackers attempting to disrupt your infrastructure, as previously said.

An airstrike on an already-wounded city may result in a humanitarian disaster. Food will soon go bad, and we’ll have lost a war without even firing a single shot.

How To Prepare Yourself Against An EMP Attack

So the way I see it, you have 2 EMP protection options:

EMP Preparation Option 1

Consider your future as an Amish person.

Make plans to return to a more agrarian society of 1860. It will be one with the same skills as our ancient ancestors had.

The abilities that have been lost for hundreds of years in today’s culture.

EMP Preparation Option 2

A big Faraday Cage should be built for a home electrical power generation system that has been disassembled.

Buying or learning how to build solar and wind energy system are your best bets since you won’t be able to obtain gasoline or natural gas.

Imagine learning:

  • How to DIY A Low-cost Wind Turbine
    That needs only a gentle breeze to output 100 watts. Or charge batteries non-stop.
  • Build A Fuel Generator from Improvised from Car Parts
    One that can fit almost any fuel type. Even in an OPEC-like oil fuel crisis.
  • A Water Wheel That Powers Homes 24/7
    Perfect for when there’s no sun, wind, or other energy sources available.

Even better, these plans are 100% scalable. Need more power?

Simply build another generator.

All at a fraction of the price tag we pay for energy each month . Or the $30,000+ it could cost you to have them installed professionally.

What’s more, they’re disaster resilient. This means they can take a beating. Whether it’s a hurricane, EMP or something worse. Keeping you safe. No matter what.

With an EMP, a single nuclear detonation at 20 miles altitude would blanket the United States with an EMP.

To destroy a society, all that is required is for the adversary to kill off a significant portion of the population.

Even the United States government is fearful of an EMP attack on our nation.

There are simply too many people, with too few survival skills. With no electricity for a year, the majority of the US population would perish.

Communities, schools, malls, and office buildings will be burned to the ground. There will be no law and order. Looters, riots, and murders will run rampant across the nation.

The country would be on the verge of total anarchy. That’s why it’s time to pay attention to EMP preparedness and learn some real wilderness skills.

The Ultimate EMP Protection Plan

EMP Protection is like most other long-term emergency disaster preps in many ways.

You need to have a ​massive stockpile of prepper food and lots of water.

And the self-reliance survival skills to continually replenish your stocks.

Along with this, throw in some defensive abilities to safeguard your assets and some basic medical supplies.

Food, water, and medicine.

Yes, it’s that simple, but just because something is easy doesn’t imply it’s simple. Everyday life is now known as survival and prepping, which was the skills our great-great-grandparents referred to as “survival” and “prepping.”

So look backward in time for inspiration via The Lost Ways.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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