6 SHTF Scenarios Everyone Must Prepare For

Last Updated: September 9, 2021
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The survivalist understands what it takes to survive, without a doubt.

Bug-out bags are fully prepared, food and water are stored, and they contain a variety of gadgets and tools that may be useful in the event of a collapse or outage.

What about those early minutes? There will be a lot of noise and confusion.

We wrote this post to give you a fast checkup on what to do if everything goes south in an SHTF scenario, based on our experience. While every shtf situation will not follow all of the principles outlined in this article, it may provide a good starting point.

You may expand on these, or choose the finest derivative for your own particular situation.

Potential SHTF Scenarios

To begin, let’s look at SHTF situations. What you’re preparing for is entirely up to you. Our family focuses on natural and personal catastrophes, but we want to be ready for everything.

Preparing for the worst is all about possible events and outcomes, so it’s vital to consider your possibilities and SHTF plans with some foresight. It’s also critical to develop your situational awareness in order to consider the advantages, drawbacks, and dangers of each preparation and prediction.

So let’s begin with the first one on our list…

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SHTF Scenario #1. Preparing for a Job Loss

SHTF Scenario #1. Preparing for a Job Loss

It’s also worth keeping in mind that prepping isn’t only about surviving cataclysmic events; it’s also about being ready for whatever dangers or obstacles may be on the horizon.

While the loss of a job isn’t as terrifying as asteroids, EMPs, or a zombie apocalypse, it is the most likely event that any person reading this will experience in their life.

It is a good idea to be ready for whatever happens during an economic downturn, whether it’s a layoff or worse. It is essential to be prepared and informed about what you can do if confronted with any type of work-related emergency situation.

Ask yourself the following questions….

  • How long can you survive without a salary if you lost your job today?
  • How much food do you have on hand and how long will it keep?
  • What are the measures you must take to guarantee the survival of your family?

SHTF Scenario #2. Natural Disasters

SHTF Scenario 2. Natural Disasters

When we get started prepping, it’s all too easy to fall into a worst-case scenario mentality. While preparing for the worst is a good thing, it can also lead you to overlook other, lesser disasters that may be just as devastating.

The hazard of fire and water is one of the most prevalent disasters that most people will face in their lifetimes. Again, it may not be a particularly thrilling topic, but learning how to prepare yourself and your property for this danger is one of the first things you should know how to do.

Natural calamities are always a worry. We can do nothing to stop Mother Nature, so the best we can do is prepare and survive. It might be a catastrophic earthquake, hurricane, or wildfire that strikes.

SHTF Scenario #3. The Grid Goes Down

SHTF Scenario #3. The Grid Goes Down

Many individuals are concerned about a calamity that might bring the partial or full power grid down. This could be due to an EMP attack against us or a local weather catastrophe, for example.

Without electricity, many civilizations would not survive. It is crucial to every society. Some cars now require electricity rather than gasoline!

SHTF Scenario #4. The Dangers In Your Neighborhood

SHTF Scenario #4. The Dangers In Your Neighborhood

Are you prepared for your neighborhood’s dangers, especially if you live in an unincorporated area? Is it possible that they could pose the most significant health and security risk to you?

Do you even know what they are?

  • Is there anything in your town that might make it a viable terrorist target?
  • Are there any chemical or power factories in your region that might be hazardous if something went wrong?
  • Do you know of any sections of your city that are dangerous owing to crime, gangs, or other criminal behavior? If a catastrophe struck, would these individuals be a danger to your home?

SHTF Scenario #5. Economic Collapse

SHTF Scenario #5. Economic Collapse

As the national debt rises, many are concerned about economic catastrophe. Many great nations and empires have fallen victim to economic collapse throughout history, so we can’t assume that we’ll be immune.

It sounds fantastic, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. All you have to do is go back and look at 2008 to see how close this nation came to having its economy collapse completely.

Take, for example, Greece’s economic collapse in 2015. Businesses were shuttered. People were hungry, and they still are today three years later.

SHTF Scenario #6. Nuclear War or Other Attacks

SHTF Scenario #6. Nuclear War or Other Attacks

Whether you’re concerned about nuclear war or a cyber war, one of them may happen in your lifetime. We now live in an unstable era, especially politically.

All of these occurrences might result in a secondary SHTF scenario – civil unrest. When individuals are afraid and furious, it’s an unsafe place to be around.

What are other SHTF scenarios you think we should add to this list? We want to hear your thoughts! You can comment in the section below.

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