What Should Be In A Bushcraft Kit

Last Updated: September 26, 2021
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Have you completed your bushcraft kit?

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Here’s how to create your own bushcraft set from the ground up…Bushcraft Kit

Bushcraft Kit #1 – Water

Water purifier

Boiling is my first choice for making water safe to consume. While a fire isn’t always convenient or sensible, it’s especially true when you’re on the go.

For when I don’t have a fire, I use the genuinely useful and simple-to-use Sawyer Straw.

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Billy Can
To prevent soot from getting all over your rest of your gear, store it in an old nylon stuff bag on the outside. You may also use a collapsible wash bowl and a collapsible water bag in camp.


The only eating utensil I take.

Water bottle

These are essential wilderness equipment.

Want to know more about different ways to filter water?Here are 5 ways you can purify water easily.

Bushcraft Kit #2 – Shelter

Sleeping bag

Choose a down bag or a synthetic bag if weight is important—synthetic bags are generally more durable, less expensive to replace and easier (and cheaper) to clean.

Sleeping mat

Closed-cell foam mats are not as comfortable as self-inflating mattresses. To save space and weight, use a three-quarter length mat.

Bivvy Bag

A tip on folding your bivvy bag – It will degrade faster if you stuff it in an attempt to keep it compact, so try stuffing it rather than folding it. Repeatedly folding a breathable membrane like Gore-Tex in the same location may reduce its ability to keep water out. So just stuff your bivvy bag at random.


A decent-sized tarp creates an ideal location for living, not just sleeping. You get considerably more room than you would in a tent. When utilizing a tarp, make sure to bring a length of rope with which to connect the trees from which the tarp is hung, then run the line beneath the tarp’s apex.

You may hang gear on the inside of the tarp (such as a head-torch for convenient access at night), as well as air sleeping gear, socks, and so on without getting it damp in a rain shower.

Bushcraft Kit #3 – Must-Haves


In the summer, when the nights are shorter, a head-torch is less essential than in other seasons. That said, I always carry one.

If you’re open-minded and want to look at great (yet very unusual) survival flashlights, then have a look at this article.


You don’t need a machete to go camping in the woods, but if you know how to use one safely, it’s a tremendous tool.

Here is a review of the best 9 survival machetes you can find on the market today.

Bushcraft knife

A Bushcraft knife should be seen as a wood cutting instrument and may be utilized to notch, feather, and produce points on wooden objects.

It’s quite versatile for skinning game or performing other easy bushcraft activities. Bushcraft knives should be full-tang, fixed blade instruments. They should also have a drop point blade similar to many of their survival knife relatives.

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While they can adequate for cutting fish like crappie after a fresh catch, it’s typically advised that you use a fileting knife instead.

Bushcraft Kit #4 – Map And Compass

Map and map case

I’ve used a lot of map cases in the past (and had many soggy maps). I prefer Ortleib map cases because they keep my maps the most dry.


Many of your most common survival tools still have value today, particularly when you need to navigate. Many a survival scenario begins with one losing their bearings in new territory.

Heres’ How To Navigate And Read A Compass

Notebook and cover

A notebook is ideal for keeping track of crucial information, keeping a diary, or sketching things.

Last Words

Each person has their own personal bushcraft camping gear preferences and which survival skills they should learn. Over the years, preppers and campers’ preferences have been refined as a result of years of work and leisure in wooded settings.

But everyone is different.

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