What Size Generator Do I Need

One of the emergencies you’re most likely to encounter is a power outage. While you can survive a brief power outage, a home generator is a must-have item in your…

Pepper Spray vs Taser

A self-defense weapon known as pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum, an oily extract of pepper plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. The attacker’s eyes would inflame, temporarily impairing their ability…

How to Get Free Emergency Preparedness Gear [2023 Update]

The following 37 links and 11 companies have been collected for you to

100 Days: Your Third Week in No-More Processed-Foods [#3/14]

Eliminating processed foods from your diet benefits you in

The Prepping Items You Forgot?

What are items you haven’t seen mentioned on most prepper

Best Uses of a Mylar Space Blanket

Best Uses of a Mylar Space Blanket

Depending on their functionality, they are also known as thermal blankets, which are cool and relatively

The Best Guns for Your Home Defense: Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle(s)

The best gun for your home isn’t just one gun. It’s a set and growing

What Do I Need to Know About Ammo in a SHTF Scenario?

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bug out bag

Top 50 Bug Out Bag List Essentials

Every prepper and survivalist needs a bug out bag list to stay prepared for any SHTF scenario.  The idea is to only what you absolutely need for survival.  So what exactly…

Tsunami and Earthquake Preparedness

Tsunami and Earthquake Preparedness

Approximately 230,000 deaths represent a testament to the lessons learned from the deadliest tsunami, incurred by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004.