5 Best Survival Flashlights – Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: July 13, 2022

Survival flashlights are just as the name suggests, they can be essential to your survival.

In fact, they are an essential part of any survival kit.

However when putting together your survival kit, you don’t want to use just any old flashlight you have lying around the house.

You want to include the best survival flashlight around.

So, how do you know what is the best tactical flashlight?

When it comes to looking for the best emergency flashlight there are multiple things that you need to consider.

Here’s our guide to help you decide which one is the best choice for your needs.

Survival Flashlights  Buyer’s Guide










How To Choose The Best Survival Flashlight

Survival Flashlights

The first thing to consider when shopping for survival flashlights is the different ways you will use them.

The type of tool you’ll need at a campsite will be different from the one you’ll need during a power outage.

The survival flashlights at your bug out location should be durable, water proof, and able to handle a solid amount of impact.

In the best-case scenario, it should even be able to function well as a baton-like weapon.

There are even tactical flashlights that come with weapons like Tasers from Vinertek.

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For the survival flashlights used in a power outage, brightness and battery strength are key.

The only way it can be damaged is an inadvertent drop, so the durability of the tool is much less important. The goal is simply to provide a large amount of continuous light.

The two devices described in these scenarios perform the same function of providing light, but they have very different designs.

Add additional types, like a small travel flashlight for the car, and you will see why multiple batteries and flashlights are needed in a crisis.

They all provide light but can serve different functions in your plan.

To help you decide which survival flashtlight is best for your needs here are 5 of the best survival flashlights on the market.

The Best Survival Flashlights

1.  PROCHARGE™ Survival Flashlight

Survival Flashlights

PROCHARGE™ Survival Flashlight is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It’s truly a purpose built survival tool designed from the ground up.

Not only is this new survival tool highly functional, it also looks pretty amazing, don’t you think?

  • It’s a super bright flashlight with 3 functions (high, low and strobe)
  • It’s an emergency break out tool allowing you to slice a seat belt with the built in belt cutter and smash a window the the heavy duty glass breaker!
  • ​This impressive device also has a USB output to charge your phone and other devices!
  • You can quickly re-Charge the battery via the supplied charging cable.
  • ​If that’s not enough: It also has a built in solar panel so the battery can be also charged from the sun! This means you will ALWAYS have the power to light up the night and charge your devices!

Field tested and ready to go!  You can take it on long hikes, camping, hunting trips, and use it as an every day power source to re-charge cell phones and tablets.

The PROCHARGE™ passes all hardcore stress tests all while being user friendly enough for every day use!

You can have a look a it right here.

2. Evatac Pro-XMLBrightest Flashlight

Survival flashlights

It’s called the PRO-XML and it’s from Evatac.The PRO-XML uses the XMLU2 LED emitter which is the industry’s highest performance, single-die white lighting-class LED.

It can deliver 1200 lumens with over 100 lumens per watt efficiency. Not only does the PRO-XML use the brightest LED in the world, it also uses 2 x Lithium 18650 batteries (Included).

The combination of this LED, and the powerful Lithium batteries creates an extremely bright flashlight that lasts much longer at full power than competing brands.You can have a look a it right here.

3.  Evatac Taclite Tactical Flashlight

Survival flashlights

The Evatac Taclite is small enough to fit in your pocket, is ultra bright,  it uses standard batteries and it is tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse.

Because the TACLITE™ is built by EVATAC™ you can rest assured that your getting the best, that your getting a product that has been tested and proven itself time and time again.

You’re getting a state of the art survival tool that can double as a self-defense weapon that may just save your life one day.

Thugs don’t believe in a fair fight and neither should you!  The TACLITE™ design includes sharp beveled edges that can drop any attacker like a sac of potatoes.

Also, if you carry a firearm, because of the compact design  this flashlight can be used as attachment when using a mount.

You can have a look at it right here.

4. The StrikeLight Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight

Survival flashlights

When it comes to defending yourself and your family from an attacker there is no such thing as a fair fight!

The guy breaking into your house at night doesn’t believe in a fair fight, and neither should you!

The StrikeLight is kind of like a “Blinding torch that can drop an attacker like a sac of potatoes!

After all it is…

  • Made from solid aluminium, this is a serious self-defense tool that can take out any attacker, big or small.
  • At simple twist of the handle this will extend another 4 inches allowing you to strike from a large distance.
  • It also works as a blinding flashlight with 3 light functions. The first function is full brightness, the 2nd is half power and the 3rd function is strobe lights.
  • On top of this you can also adjust the light size. Keep the strike light closed for a wider light. This is best for close combat. Then twist and extend the baton and the light becomes smaller and more focused. Use this feature for long distances.

It really is the ultimate self-defense tactical flashlight!

You can watch the StrikeLight in action right here

You can have a look at it right here.

5. The FlareLight Best Entry-Level Tactical Flashlight

Survival flashlights

A  survival flashlight is a tool you just can’t live without and the FLARELIGHT™ is perfect for any situation.

It is ultra bright, uses standard batteries, can fit in your pocket and has a lifetime of durability.

If you’re going to carry any item, it needs to be a flashlight.

But you can’t just carry around any old one and expect it to do the job!

You’ll never need to worry about having a reliable light source. Camping and ourdoors, survival and defense, or household use- your FLARELIGHT™ has you covered in any situation!

Quality manufacturing and unmatched customer service make the FLARELIGHT™ a top choice.

You can have a look at it right here.

Final Thoughts On The Best Survival Flashlight

The best survival flashlights are so much more than  long lasting flashlights, they can be  lifesaving devices.

Survival flashlights can be used to provide bright or ambient light with the right filters and diffusers in an emergency, but they can also be used for self-defense.

The heaviest ones make the best billy clubs.

But, with all of the choices out there how do you find the best emergency flashlight for you.

What one you end up with will really depend on what you plan to use it for but durability and water resistance are key.

Are you looking for a bug out bag flashlight or are you looking for something that can also be used as an every-day-carry flashlight?

When looking for the best prepper flashlight you need to take into consideration what lighting modes the flashlight offers, as well as what accessories come with the light and what ones can be purchased separately.

Whatever type of flashlight you finally decide to grab we hope this short buyer’s guide was able to help you in your decision.

In the past, we’ve covered most of the obvious survival gear we think everyone should own, such as:

What your favorite survival flashtlights? We want to hear your opinion! You can share your thoughts below.

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