Best Machete [2021 Review]

Last Updated: July 13, 2022

Are you looking for the best machete on the market?

We’ve tested 21 machetes and compiled the best 9 into this article/

Isn’t it a common problem for any prepper or survivalist when selecting the proper survival tool?

Well, this “best machete” article is here to solve that problem for good!

When it comes to packing for an excursion, you must be prepared. Machetes are such a versatile survival tool that they might make the difference between life and death.

With a little luck, knowledge, and skill, you may just avoid the need for machetes by studying this article.

So let’s begin!

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What Is A Machete

A machete is seen in almost every society across the world.

They come in a range of forms and building techniques. Many of these have distinct names. The Nepalese “kukri,” the Malaysian “parang,” and the Philippine “bolo” are examples of such knives.

In certain regions, the machete is still a regular part of rural life.

Places where small children learn how to use and maintain their own machete.

So when I say “machete,” I’m talking about a wide range of long, flat blades with grips at the end for swinging the blade.

In this post, I’ll just use the term “machete” to refer to all versions. But many blade shapes are comparable in function and may be somewhat interchangeable.

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Is A Machete Legal

The legality of machetes is determined by the United States’ agricultural instruments criteria. Unlike stabbing knives and swords, which are classified as weapons, machetes are only sharpened on one side of the blade.

Despite how they are commonly portrayed in films, machetes have very little regulation, and no one should be concerned about possessing one.

What Are The Different Types Of Machetes

Choosing a machete requires an understanding of the many types and sorts of machetes and determining which type you want.

Survival Machete

What Are The Different Uses Of A Machete


Cutting and maintaining paths is one of the most frequent uses for machetes.

Individuals in different parts of the world use machetes to clear roads and establish new routes.

The machete is also becoming more popular among hunters and fishermen who are once again using it for clearing paths to fishing holes, forming funnel points for animals, chopping down brush to create fish habitats, and making shooting lanes.

The Kukri, a light machete widely used in the Philippines for shrub clearance, is one of the most popular machetes.

Best Machete Use #2 – CLEARING BRUSH

Machetes, like clearing trails, are the preferred option for clearing vegetation. For efficiently removing brush.

Here is short video, How to Clear Brush with a Machete, so that people use the proper safety and tactic.

Machetes are becoming increasingly popular among surveyors as they clear areas for survey stations, establish lines of sight, and make pathways to access boundaries.

Best Machete Use #3 – AGRICULTURAL USES

With a machete, almost any plant may be readily harvested, including rice, sugar cane, corn, rye, millet, barley, buckwheat, oats and many different varieties.

Bill Hook machetes and sickle-style machetes are both great for agricultural work.

Best Machete Use #4 – CARVING

Machetes are fantastic for cutting, incising, and coppicing wood.

Incising or preparing wood to be treated can be a difficult job without a machete, and there’s no better tool for coppicking than the Victorinox Combat Machete.

Best Machete Use #5 – CLEARING

Machetes are an excellent option for pruning and clearing woody vegetation as well as snedding, which is removing side branches from a tree’s main trunk.

Machetes are very popular among landscapers for fast and clean pruning of overgrowth, shrubs, and unapproachable tall grass; and more foresters utilize machetes to clear underbrush to minimize the danger of forest fire.


A machete is an essential tool if you live outside or are on a camping trip. Machetes are ideal for collecting firewood and making tinder, as well as clearing a new campsite altogether.

Machetes are also excellent for shelter construction. Cutting poles and roofing materials with a machete is simple, and it’s also useful for making the lattice in wattle and daub homes.

Best Machete Use #7 – HUNTING & SURVIVAL

Machetes may be used by outdoorsmen to attack wounded or enraged animals and poisonous snakes.

Best Machete Use #8 – FORAGING

Machetes are great for cutting through animal carcasses, livestock or poultry. They can quickly break down deer or big livestock corpses into manageable pieces and may also be used to harvest berries, grapes, and other fruits and nuts.

Best Machete Use #9 – As A Great Self-Defense Weapon

Not lost in a jungle?

They’re also great weapons for self-defense.

If you find yourself under attack from a beast or a human, this might be the last thing you want to have on your person. It may save your life if you are being attacked by either a beast or a man.

Although it’s a useful tool to have, they come in a wide range of designs.

Here are some things to consider before making your selection.

  • What will you be doing with it? Will you be using it for self-defense?
  • Are you going to chop wood with an axe?
  • What sort of environment will you be in the most, forest, desert, marshes, or swamps?

You’ll have a clearer notion of what machete you require after answering these questions.

What Is The Best Steel For A Machete

Carbon steel and stainless steel are the most popular materials for this type of knife.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Best Steel For A Machete #1 – Carbon Steel

This form of material is far more durable than stainless steel.

This stuff guarantees that the tool’s sharpness is maintained. Of course, it has a disadvantage. Carbon steel rusts readily, which is why it requires greater care but it’s well worth it.

Best Steel For A Machete #2 – Stainless Steel

When it comes to the best material, stainless steel has its pros and cons.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is not nearly as durable or attractive as high carbon steel. It’s simpler to maintain due to the lack of rusting.

The reason is that stainless steel contains a lot of additives that make it especially resistant to both moisture and corrosion. So it’s called stainless!

How To Choose The Best Machete For You

Now, you may be wondering what separates the good from the best. There are a number of features you need to keep your eyes peeled out for:

1 – Weight

You should take the weight into account. The thicker the branches are, the heavier they are. A lighter alternative is better for extended treks.

However, if you’re not sure what weight you’ll need, it’s best to choose an in-between option.

2 – Sharpness

When it comes to blade sharpness, you’ll want a machete that is both sharp and simple to maintain. However, if you can’t afford a high-end option, an inexpensive one with a sharpener is also available.

3 – Length

The amount of weight it can cut also depends on its length. In addition, the longer it is, the more you may chop with a single swing. There is a disadvantage to this.

The longer the machete is, the more difficult it is to carry on your hip. And if you’re only going for a stroll, this might be a negative aspect.

4 – Material

The type of metal utilized in a blade’s construction will determine how sharp it is.

After all, some metals are prone to be soft and dull easily. Other metals don’t rust as quickly as others, but they do tend to become duller over time.

5 – Sheath

It’s important to have a high-quality sheath on hand at all times. It’s madness to go without one.

Make sure the sheath you pick is durable. If you’re going to a humid environment, the artificial sheath will keep moisture out much better.


When choosing a machete, remember to look for the critical features of a quality model.

  • Full tang construction
  • Medium or high carbon steel (or 3CR13 stainless)
  • Comfortable grip
  • Well balanced swing
  • Good, easy to use sheath

There are hundreds of machete types available on most internet sales sites.

That’s both a blessing and a curse. Because there are so many styles, sizes, and price ranges to choose from, it’s positive. However, this is also a problem because it becomes difficult to evaluate them all.

That’s where we step in.

At American Patriot Survivalist, we specialize on the best survival equipment available.

As a result, we only highlight and promote items that we believe to be among the finest at various price points.

So let’s get started!

1 – The Essential Tact Machete Review

Survival Machete

The Essential Tact Machete is one of the strongest, sharpest, and easiest to use machetes ever made at such an insanely low price point…

What’s the catch? It has a stainless steel blade. Remember what I said earlier, “to avoid most stainless steel blades… This is the one exception—it’s made of 3CR13 Stainless Steel. This machete is designed with a perfect blend of longevity, corrosive resistance, and sharpness.

One often overlooked feature in a machete is its coating. The Essential Tact’s entire blade (plus the handle) is coated in a matte black finish.

This paint is ideal for survival since it does not reflect light. Giving this machete the ability to help you hide while fleeing or stalking. You’d probably assume that because it’s at this price range, it isn’t completely tangful. But you’d be incorrect!

The Essential Tact Machete is a full tang machete (with a small hole punched through at the base for a lanyard).

This bag is equipped with a double-density foam that makes it virtually unbreakable under any circumstance. This ensures that no amount of rough handling will harm it. And, speaking of handles, this handle offers great comfort and grip.

Survival Machete

It’s coated in an ultra-rugged, non-slip rubber finish. So no matter how wet or sweaty your hands are The Essential Tact Machete won’t slip

The padding on the inside of the rubber coating is made of polypropylene, which adds cushioning to the equation. This helps to prevent bone-jarring hand shocks.

The key to safety is the Ridged Thumb Rise on this Essential Tact Machete, which has a deep, ridged thumb rise. An enormous finger guard protects your hands from the blade edge during the most ferocious strikes, too.

The tool attached to the back of the blade is one of the characteristics that distinguish this machete as a “real survival knife.” Instead of leaving it as a blunt edge, they transformed it into a serrated saw blade.

For me, the idea is to have multiple uses in one tool. This is a survival machete/survival saw that comes with two blades. Sure, there are more expensive machetes available. However, if you’re looking for a SURVIVAL machete at an affordable price, the Essential Tact can’t be beat.

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2.Ontario Knife Company 18″ Military Machete Review

Survival Machete

The Ontario Knife Company Military Machete is one of the most well-known and most popular machete types on the market today, based on the South American concept of a lightweight machete.

In reality, OKC has been producing this particular design for the United States Military for more than 70 years. It sports a high carbon Plain Tool Steel blade with a straight back, a plain cutting edge, and a deep belly, as well as an anti-corrosion zinc-phosphate finish.

OKC also includes a heavy-duty nylon packcloth sheath with a heavy-duty liner in addition to the machete. It’s also available in two different sizes, 12 and 22 inches.

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3.Cold Steel Barong Machete Review

Survival Machete

Based on the Philippine Barong, the Cold Steel Barong Machete is a classic, ethnic, machete design that features a beautifully curved leaf-shaped blade that measures 18 inches in length with a Drop Point and a plain cutting edge made from 1055 high carbon Plain Tool Steel.

It’s also available in a Barong-style handle constructed of polypropylene and comes with a premium Cor-Ex nylon sheath for added strength.

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4.Kershaw Camp 18 Machete Review

Survival Machete

For those of you who require a truly heavy-duty machete for cutting thick plants, the Kershaw Camp 18 is difficult to beat!

The Model 2208 Fixed Blade is a good choice for every day multi-purpose camping and back packing use. This machete features a sturdy, 18 inch Drop Point blade constructed of 65 Mn high carbon Plain Tool Steel with a plain cutting edge and a positive rake angle treated to prevent corrosion. It’s one tough machete!

It also has a hidden tang and one of the most ergonomic handles ever created, in addition to a Thermo Plastic Rubber-coated handle for an extra secure grip. In addition, it comes with a molded Kydex sheath and is coated with deeply checkered Thermo Plastic Rubber.

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5.Condor Knife & Tool Parang Machete Review

Survival Machete

The Condor Knife & Tool Parang Machete is an ethnic knife design with a very elegant, weight-forward shape based on the Borneo Dayak Parang Changdong knife.

A 3 1/4-inch Drop Point blade that is 17 1/2 inches long made of 1075 high carbon Plain Tool Steel with a black powder coat to help prevent corrosion.

It has a Parang handle design that’s made of walnut and comes with a sturdy leather sheath.

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6.Condor Knife & Tool Golok Machete Review

Survival Machete

The Condor Knife and Tool version of the Golok Machete is a beautiful, weighted-forward, Trailing Point blade that measures 14 inches long and is constructed of 1075 high carbon Plain Tool Steel with a black powder coat finish to help prevent corrosion.

It has a classic Golok handle design made of walnut, as well as a durable leather sheath.

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7.Kershaw Camp 14 Machete Review

Survival Machete

The Camp 14 machete by Kershaw is a little shorter than the Camp 18 machete on this list, but it’s still a tough-duty machete for chopping robust, woody plants.

This is one strong machete! The blade is made from 65 Mn high carbon Plain Tool Steel with a plain cutting edge and a positive rake angle, and it has a black powder coat to avoid corrosion. It also includes a Hidden Tang and an ergonomic handle design.

It also includes a molded Kydex sheath for extra protection, as well as a deeply checkered Thermo Plastic Rubber handle for an enhanced hold.

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8.SOG SOGfari 18″ Machete Review

The SOG Fari Machete has a 18-inch straight back blade, but the SOG Machete features a 0.8-inch thick blade, which makes it relatively hefty for such a short machete yet very strong.

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9.Outdoor Edge Brush Demon Review

Survival Machete

The Outdoor Edge Brush Demon is a heavy-duty chopping instrument created by Jerry Hossom, the renowned, large knife designer, who based the form on the Greek Kopis sword.

The Buck 11947 Tanto Knife has a Clip Point blade with a recurved edge and an American Tanto Point made from 65 Mn high carbon Plain Tool Steel with a black, powder coat finish to prevent corrosion.

It also has a heavy-duty nylon sheath and features an ergonomic handle made of Thermo Plastic Rubber for a secure and comfortable grip.

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 Conclusion – Best Machete

All in all the absolute best machete is the Essential Tactical Machete.

My second best choice would be the Kershaw camp.

Hope you liked this review of the best machete on the market as much as we had testing them and writing this article.

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