12 Free DIY Tiny House Plans

Last Updated: July 22, 2022

These 12 free tiny house plans may just help make your dream of owning a tiny house a reality.

Building it yourself will save you money and ensure that you're getting a high-quality home.

The free tiny house plans below include everything you need to build your small home. They all include blueprints, diagrams, photos, cut lists, materials lists, and step-by-step building directions.

You'll find a variety of tiny house plan layouts below including 1- and 2-story tiny homes in a variety of sizes from the very small to as large as you can get to be considered a tiny home. The styles vary too, so be sure to check them all out.

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12 Free DIY Plans For Building a Tiny House

1- Free Tiny House Plan From Ana White

This free tiny house plan from Ana White is modern and rustic with a full kitchen, private bedroom, loft, and a surprisingly large amount of storage.

These are complete plans for building this tiny home including the floor plan, diagrams, building instructions, color photos, and even a video tour.

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2- The 8x20 Solar House

This is another tiny house that was designed around the idea of being run strictly off of solar power. For those of us that are shooting to be totally self-sufficient and totally off of the grid, this seems like a great home design.

But what makes these plans even more awesome is that the site shows you how the home would look in 2D and 3D. Plus, it gives you a layout for the inside as well.

3- The 12x24 Homesteader's Cabin Plan From Tiny House Design

Tiny House Design has this free tiny house plan designed to help you build what's called the Homesteader's Cabin.

This home is 12x24 feet long with a 12/12 roof and loft. The lower level of the house is said to have enough room to fit a living room, closet, bathroom, and kitchen, while the loft can serve as a large second-floor living space or remain open to create a higher ceiling for the lower floor.

Instead of step-by-step instructions on how to build this tiny house, you're given a PDF file that includes all the different views of the house's parts with specific dimensions for each.

Also included in this plan is an SKP file that you can use in SketchUp for changing the design as you'd like.

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4- The Writter’s Cottage

These plans are calling my name. I am looking at them and thinking of all of the writing work I could get done in this small, quiet space. When you have 3 kids having a small space for yourself or a quiet space for yourself is a rarity.

But I digress, this tiny home looks warm and welcoming. Also, if you are like me and have dreams of being a writer, then this little space could be where your dreams begin to become a reality. So go ahead and check these plans out. Your future could be one click away.

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5- The Small House Catalog's 16x30 Free Tiny House Plan

A two story tiny home

A bit larger than the others in this list, this tiny house comes in at 670 square feet and holds one bathroom, one bedroom, and porch over a basement and cellar.

There are lots of detailed instructions in this plan, as well as illustrations and diagrams. The whole thing is contained in a 10-page PDF.

6- The Tiny Solar House

If you are someone looking for the simple and self-sufficient living, then this house could be it. It was designed around the idea of being run on solar power. Solar power is great because it not only helps cut your living expenses but it also takes you a little further off of the grid.

7- Tiny House Design's 8x12 Tiny House Plan

This plan is another free tiny house design from Tiny House Design. However, this one is a smaller 8x12 foot house.

The PDF file for this plan holds all the framing details for building this house. 2x4s and 2x6s are used to frame the walls, floor, and roof.

8- The Bohemian Style Home On Wheels

This colorful humble home in Austin, Tx is made up of two trailers placed perpendicularly and connected by a large open deck.

I absolutely love the way the interior designer, Kim Lewis decorated everything. The outdoor space is perfect for enjoying dinners outside with family and friends.

Check out the cool elevated laundry area in the bedroom. Explore this small house on wheels and see what you think about the design.

Building your own house is an amazing experience. Not only do you reap tremendous financial benefits, but you also gain a sense of accomplishment like none other.

Learn how to get started today with this guide!

This gorgeous tiny house, Tiny Living, is one of the most popular offered by Tiny Home Builders. It has vaulted ceilings, large dormers and a 7-foot sleeping loft. You can purchase the entire house or buy the tiny house on wheels plans straight from the builder. This tiny house on wheels is available in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths, all of which are easy to tow.

10- Vina’s Tiny House Plans

This tiny house is 140-square feet, off-grid, and has innovative space-saving features. Vina’s design plans are comprehensive, including a cost breakdown and materials list. You’ll receive 11×17 sheets detailing the overall construction, electrical, roof, framing, even the deck design.

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes is known for making a variety of reputable tiny houses on wheels. These tiny homes are certified as RVs, so can be towed all over the country. If you love Tumbleweed and want to try your hand on building your own tiny house on wheels, the company is now offering tiny house plans.

12- Tall Man’s Tiny House

This one is a little complicated—the house you see in the picture was actually a modification of a few of the plans available on the Tiny House Design website (the same one that offers the Homesteader’s Cabin). Check them out and get inspired—maybe you also will build a customized design of your own!

Well, these 12 free tiny house plans will hopefully get you moving in the right direction while you are deciding on if or when you should go tiny. We also have an interesting selection of underground bunkers, root cellars as well as self-sustaining homes, which is a definite must-read.

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