Best Uses of a Mylar Space Blanket

Last Updated: July 18, 2022

A Mylar blanket is an emergency blanket that helps during emergencies. Also known as a space blanket, Mylar space blanket, thermal blanket, or weather blanket, it helps reduce the body’s heat loss.

It blocks the heat through water evaporation, thermal radiation, and convection.

Despite it, space blankets are designed to serve multi-purposes.

The Mylar Space Blanket, is one of the most versatile inventions known to man.

Best Uses of a Mylar Space Blanket

Bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate, also known as Mylar, is a thin plastic sheet covered in a thin film of aluminum. The metallic sheen on the blanket is due to the metal film. 

Depending on their functionality, they are also known as thermal blankets, which are cool and relatively low weight. 

Its compact size makes it compatible to carry anywhere. These were firstly designed and developed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in 1964 for their use in space.

And later on, it was introduced in the emergency kits for protecting people and devices from excessive heat loss. 

In the space center and even in marathons, the runners use these blankets while finishing the race to prevent sudden fluctuations in body temperature. 

They are designed to serve many purposes, but the main one is to reflect heat to the body or deflect heat from the body. 

These blankets are used for insulation purposes for protecting satellites, marathon runners, rockets, residences, and sun shields from Mars. 

Several types of Mylar blankets are available in the market. Out of them, only a few are considered best.

  • The Best Disposable Mylar Blanket is the Titan Survival Blanket.
  • The Best All-Around is Grabber Outdoors Original Space Blanket
  • The Best for Outdoor Shelters and Durability: Grabber Outdoors

The uses of Mylar Space Blanket are mentioned below.

#1 Emergency Blanket

The main use of the blanket is to protect human beings from sudden temperature drops. Suppose if a person is attacked with a shock, you can simply wrap the blanket over the person.

Tuck the blanket firmly on all the sides, which helps keep the body temperature warm by absorbing the body’s cool temperature. Cover heads with a scarf or a hat so that your shocked person can breathe and see.

#2 Signal for Help

Due to their reflective appearance, sometimes they can be used as a signal while lost your way in the deserts or forests. On some blankets, you can notice pre-printed letters like “SOS” on the right side of the blanket. Remember, the human eye is attracted to light and movement of it, increasing your chances of being spotted if you need to be rescued.

#3 Making of a Solar Oven

It is also used to make a solar oven by simply lining a box with aluminum foil. The items placed in the box will be cooked by directing the reflected sun rays into the box. It will work even under cool conditions.

#4 Make a Shelter

You can use the Mylar blanket to make a debris shelter, preventing heat loss from convection. Coating the Mylar blanket will prevent heat loss from radiation by blocking the outside winds.

In winters, the shelter can be made of snow debris. And the Mylar should be placed on the top of the shelter to prevent the dripping of melting snow.

While making a shelter, pick a ridge pole that should be placed between two branches of the tree. Cover the ridge pole by placing the Mylar blanket and putting some stones on top of the edges.

Leaning the branches of the tree over the ridge pool will act as a structural frame. Add debris over the poles and walls to act as insulation and protection.

#5 Make a Trail Marker

If you lost your way to the camp, simply cut the blanket and use it as a trail marker. So, it will help the rescue team in finding your location.

#6 Used as a Tourniquet

In emergencies, it can be used as a tourniquet to prevent excess loss of blood.

#7 Boosting Electrical Signals

Using a strip of the blanket or any other framework, you can even catch the signals for your radio and phone.

#8 Collecting Rainwater

Digging and placing a blanket on a shallow and wide hole helps collect the rainwater. Protect the side of the blanket with heavy rocks. Treat your water or boil it before usage or consumption.

#9 Heating the Water

Fill up the container with the water and place it on the blanket to the sun’s rays for some time. It will heat the water, which can be used for drinking and bathing purposes. Make your own little sun oven!

#10 Catching Fish

Fish, like humans, are attracted to moving, shiny objects, which a mylar blanket is 100%. It helps catch the fish with the aluminum strips, which helps catch the fish’s eye or mouth.

#11 Lining your Shelter

Suppose the situation encountered in life makes you stay in a car for a long time on a cool breezy night. Lining the car inside with the Mylar blanket will increase the surrounding temperature and ultimately keep you warm.

Alternatively, if you have been trapped in the car during the daytime, the Mylar blanket will work the same way and keep you cool inside.

#12 Keep Your Feet Warm

If your boots or footwear gets wet, you can keep your feet warm by placing the Mylar sheets inside them. Cut the sheet into two squares and place them in the footwear to act as an insulator. 

#13 Heat Reflector for a Campfire

Knowing how to set up or make a heat reflector is very important. It is simple, but if you haven’t experienced it yet, keep reading.

Just set up the blanket across the fire; the heat from the campfire reaches the reflector and reflects you.

#14 Use as a Ground Sheet

Simply placing the Mylar sheet on the ground will not keep the temperature warm. They should be used in combination with some vegetation or pine needles for insulating the ground.

So, place the Mylar blanket on the ground with the pine needles on top of it. Placing the needles will act as insulation and helps in reflecting heat to your body.

If you place the needles reversely, they will absorb the heat from your body.

#15 Used as a Protective Cover for Plants

It will help in the early spring to protect your young plants by simply getting converted into a crop cover.


The Mylar Space Blanket has just 15 of its uses mentioned here. But the adept survivalist and prepper have hundreds of ways to utilize this versatile tool. The enormous range of purposes and usages of this cheap make for the top ten items in must-have emergency gear.

Invest your money into a durable mylar space blanket.

Recently, we found a gallon orange container that could effectively store gasoline. In 2022, some packaging and prepping gear increase in quality. The craftsmanship and selection of materials make for incredibly durable products of modern materials and design. Knowing how to integrate them into your preparedness is not only a way to save funds, but also increase your overall preparedness options.

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