The Prepping Items You Forgot?

Last Updated: February 24, 2023

We have been writing and researching prepping lists for over two decades. After a search of most prepping lists available on Google and Youtube, we have compiled a list of 7 items not normally seen on most prepping lists.

What are items you haven’t seen mentioned on most prepper lists before?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Stockpiling Advantages

When SHTF or when disaster has struck, your stockpile is your greatest asset. Each item in your inventory either needs to be used immediately or can be cataloged for a rainy day. If there’s another person or group in the area that needs something, your extra stores could be valuable trading currency.

Remember, due to inflation, building up your inventory now is the cheapest way to stockpile. Since demand during times of peace and stability is low, this is the best time to build up your inventory. Not only that, but you’ll also have a greater range of options and availability in shopping for your food, gear, and stores.

#1. IIAB setup with Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and WikiHow

In the event of a total power grid and Internet collapse, here’s a way to get back online! If you’re able to produce power and emit a wifi signal, you’ll be able to access key servers such as Khan Academy and WikiHow, whose creators have already set up their very own Internet-In-A-Box. Proven to work in Africa and places where there are no 4g signals at all, IIAB is a way to get access to anything you don’t know yet in the event of WWIII.

#2. Cash and Bartering Items

Hard Drives, Power Banks & Solar Power Parts

People are going to be scrambling for power. We live in a day and age when a power outlet isn’t far, imagine what it will be like when there isn’t a constant flow of power.

Every panel, power bank, transformer, converter, and power part will be in high demand.

Since knives and multitools are rarely purchased for every member of a household, packing away a storage container of knives and multitools means you will have a gleaming, useful bartering piece in any trade.

Frequently Consumed Addictive Products:

Coffee, Cigarettes, Alchohol, Marijuana, and Sleep Aids

In times of duress, vices always do well. Think about the things you’ll need to improve your situation or homestead. Items such as coffee and addictive substances will be easier to trade for supplies you might need.

Spices: salt, sugar, pepper, and dried herbs in vacuum-sealed, mylar bags.

Small, easily packed, and with a long shelf-life, spices have always been a survivalist bartering-item-of-choice.


Antibacterial, easy to trade, and can be used as an antiseptic

#3. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are made to facilitate evaporation so it cools you down. Easy to dry, easy to pack, and easy to adapt, your microfiber towel is a daily used item.

#4. Mobile Washer — A Hand-Laundry Unit

Everyone needs to do laundry. No matter what, a way to wash your clothes makes each day for your family a bit more comfortable. Having clean clothes when you’re in a survival situation goes a very, very long way. When you’re in the rough, things we take for granted become our most satisfying, welcome treasures.

#5. Live Chickens

15 Chickens produce approximately 20 eggs per day. Between your long-term storage, greenhouse, and your chickens, you will essentially have all protein and nutrition you need.

The 12 Best Hatcheries in the U.S.A

#6. Fishing and Hunting Supplies

You can put a lot of fishing supplies in a couple of 5-gallon buckets. Think about things you can use personally. Think about how stockpiling it now will be cheaper than later.

Fishing Tacklebox.

Survivalism is all about sustainability. If you’re able to find constant supplies of running water and fish, you’ll never go hungry.

Give a man a broken fishing pole and he’s got a project. Give a man a fishing tackle box, and he can catch anything for years.

Extra Guns. Enough said.

Extra Ammunition.

Most preppers and survivalists actually don’t have much ammunition stockpiled. Be prepared by having enough ammunition for your own self-defense, hunting, and for bartering if the need arises.

#7. A Charcoal Grill & Butane Camping Stove

No matter where you live or what you’ve prepped, you’re going to need a way to cook your food. If there’s a power outage, or you’re forced to move from your homestead, then this is a way to eat.

A butane camping stove makes for quick and easy heating of your wares.

A grill with which you can easily burn wood to grill any cans or food you need hot and ready to eat in a short time.

Five Tips to Safe Bartering

Bartering comes with its own set of benefits and situations you need to be prepared for. In addition to what’s not on a normal prepper’s stockpile list, here are a few tips on how to enter bartering.

Keep a low profile.

Remember, people will be watching each other with heightened awareness. Make sure your actions and stock aren’t out in the open. Extreme situations require a more watchful eye and precaution.

Keep your inventory hidden in multiple places.

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” It’s always a good idea to have a few different locations where your emergency gear is stored. Once your main backup systems are set up, this is a good time to start thinking about your auxiliary locations.

Try to pick a different barter location every time.

People are creatures of habit. The more predictable your routines become, the more vulnerable you are to any potential lawless acts against you. Change it up, keep things moving, and you’ll always stay on your toes.

Don’t ever flaunt your stuff.

The prouder you are and the better your situation, the more appealing you will look. There’s nothing more attractive than a safehold in the middle of a storm. That’s what your stock, supply, and homestead represent to a wandering survivor.

Constant Vigilance.

Remember, during times of survival, people behave differently. Be aware of your stock, exits, and entries. Understand what your action plans are in case the barter becomes unpleasant, or threatening. Be ready for anything without looking like you are prepared for violence. Just get in, get your items, and get back to surviving.


Remember, even good people in a critical situation will make tough choices. Sometimes, not to your advantage. Extreme situations sometimes require extreme measures. While it’s good to take a look at all prepping lists, common and uncommon, be sure to take a look at your household’s unique needs and the advantages of where you’re living. You may find an item not listed anywhere, but in a survival situation, it’s the difference between life and death.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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