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The Best Emergency Food Supply You Can Buy in 2023

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

From foraging out in the boonies to now, food has been evolving to suit humankind’s evergrowing needs. Technology has produced convenience food, frozen meals, and fast food as prime examples of food that lasts much longer than originally intended.

Although in times of emergency, limitations and restrictions come up when we least expect them. This is when the quality of your preparation and stock of emergency food supply becomes important.

In preparing for the next disaster, emergency rations are considered a must for your survival and well-being.

Today, there are many brands of emergency food available online, but many can’t reach a decision due to their numerous advantages and disadvantages.

This article will review and rank the top 10 emergency food supplies brands based on their aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Amounts of calories and nutrients provided
    • More than 300 calories per serving
    • Low sodium & moderate fat
  • Ease of preparation 
  • Non-perishability
    • Long shelf life (more than 5 years)
    • No refrigeration required
  • Taste and texture
  • Low prices per serving
  • Diverse meal choices
  • Safe containers & packaging (buckets, pails, cases, etc.)
  • Compact and easy to store

1. Readywise 124 Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

Readywise is considered one of the best emergency rations on the market because of its excellent flavor and high value. Within the box, there are 124 bags of diverse meals made with healthy ingredients. To cook the food, you only have to add water to the bag, seal it up, wait for 15 minutes, stir a bit, and it is cooked. Leaning more towards the health-concious side of emergency food supply, many people have noted that Readywise’s meals do not have the signature saltiness as many emergency foods have. Additionally, the company also provides gluten-free versions as well. Compared to other brands online, the cost of each serving is $0.75 which is very reasonable and worth the price. With a shelf life of 25 years, you can just leave it in your shelter for a couple of decades. The company also gives you a pail with which to store your rations. Furthermore, the box is compact and stackable, allowing you to save storage space.

On the contrary, there are some pain points in buying Readywise’s supply. Each serving contains 270 calories, which is low by today’s standards. Lastly, most of the meals do not have meat inside, only bullion, so you may miss that meaty goodness in your shelter.

2. Mountain House’s Just in Case…® 14 Day Emergency Food Supply

Aside from Readywise, Mountain House’s food supply is a fierce competitor because of its phenomenal taste. Mountain Houses’ products have the longest shelf life out of the emergency food supply companies on this list — 30 years. Their meals provide a sizable 300 calories per serving and necessary nutrients, most notably protein. Diversity is also what makes Mountain House’s meals special; they don’t repeat. Each different meal is simple and fast to prepare; you can make meals in under ten minutes with just hot water. They also provide gluten-free counterparts for gluten-intolerant people. The company also provides you with a compact and transportable box for storing your rations.

On the downside, Mountain House’s meals are considered one of the most expensive on the list with the price of each serving at $4.90. They also can be unhealthy at times as there are high levels of sodium and chemical additives inside — people who are diabetic, have high blood pressure or have kidney problems are not advised to consume Mountain House products. Finally, their boxes do not provide the same ease of carrying as a pail does, especially if full, the box weighs 18 pounds.

3. Augason Farms 30 Day 1 Person Emergency Food Supply

Augason Farms produces some of the best-valued products on the online market. With the low price of $0.70 per serving, survivalists can enjoy a huge variety of filling meals, complete with drinks and desserts. Furthermore, each meal is packed with 620 calories and essential nutrients, powering you through emergencies. Preparation is also a cakewalk; just add boiling water, wait, and stir a bit. They also have vegan and gluten-free options as well. Augason Farms’ supplies have a storage of 25 years. And to top it off, the company provides you with a pail to carry around. The pail also has a meal plan included on the label.

However, Augason Farms’ products have their drawbacks. Some of their menus can be uninspiring and bland at times. When at full inventory, the pail will weigh around 26 pounds, a real struggle for many people. Lastly, servings are not wrapped into individual bags, it is stored in buckets, forcing you to make large batches and possibly ending up with leftovers, and you will have to find a way to store them.

4. Legacy Premium Food Storage’s Gourmet Survival Home Food Storage

Many customers have voiced that Legacy’s food storage has one of the best tastes and textures on the market. In the large selection of classic hearty meals, sources of nutrition and energy amount to 370 calories per serving. Legacy also has soy-free and vegetarian substitutes as well. Even without GMOs, Legacy’s emergency supplies have a lifespan of 25 years. Packets are stored inside cases that are designed to be stackable and resilient for safekeeping, and the total weight of a fully loaded box is 16 pounds — not too heavy.

The only complaint that people have is price per serving, which is $3.90 per serving.

5. Survive2Thrive 40 Day/Night Food Supply

For the low price of $0.95 per serving, Survive2Thrive’s emergency food has become increasingly popular in the industry. Its food consists of highly nutritious and healthy grains, such as beans, oats, or quinoa, providing you with 660 calories per serving. Furthermore, the food is organically sourced, containing no GMOs, no preservatives, and no additives; it is the only certified USDA organic emergency food on the market. The supply has a standard shelf life of 10-15 years. The storage pail is designed to be compact and durable too.

With servings consisting of vegan food, some may not like its flavors and texture. Alike Augason Farms’ food, there are no individual packets inside the pail, only big sealed bags containing a singular food; this may result in leftovers. Unlike other brands, the food is uncooked, thus they are required to be traditionally cooked.

6. Valley Food Storage 14 Day Long Term Food Storage Kit

Valley Food Storage’s emergency rations are the runner-up to Survive2Thrive in its organicism. Its appetizing food is made out of additives-free, non-GMO, and nutrient-rich ingredients that are worth a reasonable $2.2 per pack. With multiple options for meals and 25 years of shelf life, Valley Food Storage rations are stored inside a pail, which if full, weighs 17 pounds. The bucket is also reusable for other purposes and is long-lasting. 

On the flip side, the servings are small, only containing around 135 calories. Some menus options can change as certain products, such as fruits, are unavailable in certain seasons of the year. Similar to Augason Farms and Survive2Thrive, Valley Food Storage’s rations are not individually wrapped, plan accordingly for meal storage.

7. 4Patriots Emergency Food Supply

4Patriots have been producing rations centered around self-reliance and freedom. Its diverse sets of meals, having 450 calories on average, can be easily prepared by boiling and simmering; it is easy as that. All of these are for a sensible price of $1.34 per serving. Inside packs also contain hearty desserts and powdered milk. With an exterior case and the triple-layered mylar bag, the storage life of the product is 25 years — mostly disaster proof packaging.

Unfortunately, the real reason why there is a high number of calories in each package is that there is a lot of sugar in each meal. There are a lot of empty calories instead of healthy ones.

8. Western Frontier Ultimate MRE

The MRE is renowned as the military’s meal of choice because of its practicality. A serving of MRE has a mindboggling 1,250 calories, perfect for tense emergencies that require additional energy. Each different MRE have a different set of entrees, desserts, snacks, and drinks that can be eaten without using any of your utensils; MREs have a heating packet for cooking meals and a set of eating utensils at your disposal. There is also an Islamic variant, which does not contain pork. The total weight of 6 packs of MRE is 7 pounds, which is surprisingly light.

The price hike of MRE is what drives most people away; currently, the price for each packet is $16. Compared to other brands, MREs have a short-lived shelf life of five years, not good for long-term survival. According to reviews, some have said that the meals tasted like military food; it may not resonate with your taste buds. Lastly, the packets are randomized, so you do not know what you are getting.

9. S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bar

The S.O.S emergency food bars are considered to be one of the most practical food supplies on the list. The price for each bar is $1.60 and one can provide you with 410 calories, which are quickly broken down into nutrients in a short time after consumption. There is no requirement for preparation as the bar is already ready-to-eat. The entire package is very lightweight (around 4 pounds) and has a delectable flavor and texture akin to everyday energy bars.

However, the S.O.S emergency food bars have a very short shelf life of 5 years. With it being an emergency bar, there are not many nutrients inside, only sugar and carbohydrates; you’ll get empty calories instead of good calories. Likely, your hunger will not be satisfied. Variety is also an issue as there are only two flavors: vanilla & cinnamon.

10. S.O.S New Millennium Energy Bars

The S.O.S New Millenium Energy bar is the predecessor to the company’s emergency food bar. Suitable for giving extra energy and vitamins to survivalists, one energy bar will give you nearly 400 calories with a delicious taste and wonderful texture. There are eight total flavors to your choosing, including apricot, blueberry, coconut, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, orange, and tropical fruit. The product is healthy for consumers as it has low sodium and a lot of vitamins. The food is also compliant with many religions, such as the Jewish Kashrut law. They are very small to carry and lightweight — 6 bars only weigh around 1 pound.

On the other hand, the energy bar is pricey, with the price of each bar at $2.75. Like its successor, it has the same shelf life, which is 5 years, has high amounts of sugar, and there are not many nutrients other than sugar and carbohydrates. If this is your only source of nutrition, be aware of the risk of malnutrition.

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