10 Rocket Stove Plans – DIY Rocket Stoves

Rocket Stove

Are you worried that if a natural disaster happened, you won't be able to turn on the stove and cook because there's no electricity and gas?

Well, then you will be very interested in a rocket stove.

A rocket stove is a small, portable stove that is very efficient. It is great to use for cooking when you can’t use your regular stove.

If you would like to know how you can make your own, today we are bringing you the wonderful selection of DIY rocket stoves.

Here are 10 great rocket stoves you can DIY....

1. The #10 Can Rocket Stove


Would you like to be able to cook an entire meal with twigs? According to the Prepared Housewives, you can with this rocket stove.

What makes this stove even better is that it is built from scraps. So if you can get your hands on a few tin cans and a couple of lids then you can have a very affordable and efficient rocket stove in no time.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

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2. The Heavy Duty Rocket Stove


If you are a prepper or just someone that likes to be prepared in case of an emergency, then you’ll probably be interested in this particular rocket stove. It is very heavy duty so it would be something that you could depend upon when you really needed it.

Even though this stove is heavy duty, there is a materials list given. Plus, you also get very detailed instructions too. So even if you are new to building, you could probably figure this one out.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

3. The Soup Can Rocket Stove


I really like this rocket stove. They claim it works really well, and it can also be made at practically no out of pocket cost. All you need is a #10 can, 4 soup cans, and a few tools that you might already have on hand.

Plus, the instructions seemed pretty easy to follow along with. That is always a great bonus to any project. So if you need a rocket stove, and you want it to be cost effective then consider this plan for one.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

4. The Ho Bo Tin Can Rocket Stove


You’ve probably seen in the movies that when people who travel the railway (often called Hobos) would eat, they’d place their pot over a rocket stove to cook it.

Well, thanks to this design you can have your very own. It looks like it would be easy to use a small pot with this stove which is great so you can pack light in the case of camping or an unexpected emergency.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

5. The Rocket Grill


As soon as my husband sees this, I have a feeling I’ll have one being built in my backyard. I would be dishonest if I didn’t tell you how awesome this grill is.

I must add, I have a wood burning grill in case of emergencies in my yard already. However, I’m seriously thinking about replacing it with this grill because it looks much more efficient than what I’m using. So you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

6. The $20 Rocket Stove/ Heater


I don’t know about you, but I love a bargain. It makes accomplishing tasks so much easier if I don’t have to come up with a ton of money upfront.

So if you are like me, then you might want to check out this rocket stove that also doubles as a heater. Plus, it requires few materials, has detailed written steps, and has a video that accompanies it. This site gave you lots of tools to help you have a successful build.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

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7. The Camping Rocket Stove


This rocket stove looks really durable. It also looks really nice. To be honest, you wouldn’t look at it and think that it was even homemade.

However, even though it looks rather sophisticated, this site actually shows you how to build it in 9 steps. So don’t let the sharpness of this stove intimidate you. Give it a glance because you might love it.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

8. The 5-Gallon Medal Bucket Rocket Stove


This rocket stove is meant to be very easy to build. The writer on the site does a great job at explaining it. They even give you a pdf that you can download to get exact dimensions to build your own.

Also, they offer great pictures to help you along with the build. So if you need a rocket stove that is easy on your wallet and simple to build then you might want to check this design out for yourself.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

9. The Simple DIY Rocket Stove


This rocket stove appears to be very simple to make. It does require a few materials that can (mostly) be found used.

Plus, it also offers great pictures and details to help you along when constructing this stove. So if you need something you can build on a budget then you might want to check this rocket stove design out for yourself.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

10. The Tin Can Rocket Stove

This is another stove that is made out of tin cans. It should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of it. I really like it because it is something useful that can be made out of recycled items that you use probably every day.

Plus, this rocket stove tutorial comes in video form. I’m a fan of the video tutorials because it gives you a deeper explanation of the build and allows you to actually see it come together. So if you are a visual learner as well then you might want to check out this tutorial.

Want to build this rocket stove? Here's how...

Well, I hope you all have found a rocket stove you love from these suggestions. I know I did! And hopefully, you will find one that you can put to good use in order to be better prepared for an emergency or to have a more efficient way to cook when camping.

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