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How To Build A Greenhouse

Last Updated: September 10, 2022

Ever wanted to build a greenhouse?

The joy to control your growing environment year round, knowing your plants and crops won’t suffer during extreme winters or summers.

They are a great addition to any homestead.

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Any expense you accrue in building one can quickly be made back with the extra product they help produce.

Here is a list of the best (and free!) greenhouse plans to help you build the greenhouse of your dreams.

17 DIY Greenhouse Plans

1. The Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

If you hate or love plastic bottles, this greenhouse is for you. This is another greenhouse that could be potentially free if you know where to look for the materials.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 6
Difficulty Easy

Build this greenhouse ›

2. The Tomato Fort

This greenhouse costs about $50 to build. This is not a kit.

It requires different materials to be purchased and put together to build this little greenhouse.

It is a hoop construction that is mainly made from PVC pipe and plastic.

The site provides a list of all the materials needed and detailed instructions on how to build. It says that it only takes about an hour to construct.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 3
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

3. The Instant Cloche

This is a very natural and original design for a cold frame greenhouse to protect seedlings.

It is a great, budget-friendly option to build a greenhouse in a snap.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 6
Difficulty Easy

Build this greenhouse ›

4. The DIY Big Cheap Beautiful Greenhouse

This greenhouse is a beautiful sight to see.

They were not only looking for a greenhouse that would not cost an arm and a leg but also something that would stand out and bring beauty to the center of their flower garden.

They found the materials at a double glazer’s shop. Those are the people that fix old windows, doors, etc.

Most towns have a window repair person. A lot of times they’ll have old doors and windows just hanging around their store that they can no longer use.

You might be able to purchase them at an extremely discounted price or even better, score a few free items.

Then follow the tutorial given to use these items to construct this beautiful, fully functional greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 10 x 14
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

 5. Putting The Green Back Into Greenhouse

Building a solar greenhouse is possibly something that people don’t really think about, but in fact, that’s what every greenhouse is, a solar-powered encasement for your plants.

You can build a really nice solar-powered greenhouse with the right tools, time and the need to do so just how you like.

Build this greenhouse ›

6. 5 X 4 M Greenhouse

Building yourself a greenhouse is a must for anyone that has a garden and wants their gardens to grow their crops to be as beautiful as they want them to be.

Using wood and hand me down glass will make the perfect greenhouse that you’ll want to keep your plants and flowers cultivated correctly all year long.

Build this greenhouse ›

7. DIY Cold Frame Using An Old Window

A cold frame is just like a greenhouse in that you can put some of your crops in there to keep them growing like you want them to only with the cold frame it is much smaller.

You can add an old window or a sheet of plastic as the lid.

Build this greenhouse ›

8. Inexpensive Mini Greenhouse

A greenhouse doesn’t have to be something that takes up a lot of room.

A greenhouse can be very tiny and still give you the results you’re looking for when wanting something to give you healthy crops all year long and that is exactly what this kind of greenhouse will give you.

Build this greenhouse ›

9. DIY Window Greenhouse

This greenhouse is for those of you out there that want to add a little style to your greenhouse while also growing your crops the way they need to be in order for them be healthy just as you want them to be.

People will be impressed when they see that you’ve built this greenhouse.

Build this greenhouse ›

10. The Black+Decker Greenhouse

This is a great greenhouse that is smaller in size. Yet it is still one that can be walked into.

They show building shelving to go inside of the greenhouse. You could plant directly in the ground with this greenhouse but shelving would probably make it the most functional.

Dimensions (feet) 6 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

11. The ‘Less Than $100’ Greenhouse

This greenhouse is built for less than $100.

The website does offer instructions along with a list of materials needed to make constructing this greenhouse easier.

They added some great repurposed shelving inside and did it all for around $67.

You can’t beat that price for a fully functional greenhouse.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 8
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

12. The Fold-Up Greenhouse

if you don’t want a greenhouse that is permanently in one space or if you don’t want it around all year, why not build one that you can just fold up and move?

Talk about easy storage!

It has glass walls and folds on hinges so any time you don’t need it you can simply fold it up and put it away.

Dimensions (feet) 4 x 4
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

13. The Removable Cold Frame

Maybe you are just a gardener and not quite gotten into the huge garden thing…..yet.

You don’t need a huge greenhouse because you really just have a few above-ground beds.

What do you do for a greenhouse?

This option suits you perfectly.

You build this removable cold frame cover for your garden beds.

That way when your plants need the extra protection, you can drop the cover down over them.

When the temperatures are nice and it isn’t needed, you simply pull it back.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 4
Difficulty Easy

Build this greenhouse ›

14. The 300 Square Foot Hoop House

This is another cold frame option. The great thing is that it is around 300 square feet.

That is a lot of growing space.

All you have to do is lay a wooden perimeter. Then use PVC pipe to hold the hoop shape. You will place three large poles in the center of the structure for support.

After you get the structure secured, you then add plastic to the outside for insulation.

You then can create different shaped garden beds inside of the hoop house for different growing spaces.

Dimensions (feet) 24 x 12
Difficulty Hard

Build this greenhouse ›

15. The ‘Add-On’ Greenhouse

This greenhouse is one that can be added on to a coop or outbuilding. It also comes with instruction to make it a stand-alone greenhouse if that is your desire.

It is built of solid wood and does not use plastic for the windows. Instead, the windows are constructed of glass.

This is a very pretty addition to the garden.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 2
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

16. The Pallet Greenhouse

This is a very inexpensive greenhouse. It also offers a touch of rustic charm to boot.

It is a smaller greenhouse built from pallets.

This greenhouse is a great option to place out in the middle of your garden to help protect your tomato plants and other cold-sensitive vegetables.

Dimensions (feet) 6 x 10
Difficulty Intermediate

Build this greenhouse ›

17. The Cedar Greenhouse

This greenhouse is absolutely gorgeous!

It is actually a kit which makes it easier to assemble.

This greenhouse is 8×8 in size. It has a beautiful cedar exterior.

It also includes a beautiful planting bench on the inside.

The cedar wood provides many benefits for this greenhouse beyond good looks. It is considered as a very durable material by most building codes throughout the United States.

Cedarwood is also a great option to help insulate the greenhouse as well.

The whole design of this greenhouse would add great beauty to any area while also offering functionality.

Dimensions (feet) 8 x 8
Difficulty Hard

Build this greenhouse ›

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