5 Ways To Make Coffee Without Electricity

Last Updated: September 26, 2021

My favorite drink in the morning is coffee.

And I enjoy it that he drinks it.

Coffee may be a one-stop shop for providing a sense of normality during tough times.

What happens, though, when the electricity goes out?

There will come a point when the ever-aging grid fails or SHTF, leaving you without any power source.

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In any case, you’ll need a method for feeding your coffee habit without ingesting coffee grounds.

Here are five ways to make a delicious cup of coffee when the power is out.

1. ​Percolator (Or Napolitan)

This is the one I use every morning, whether or not I have electricity (see below).

Similar to French presses (below), percolators and boilers both utilize coffee, pots, and water.

If you enjoy camping outside, you’ve undoubtedly seen a few people utilizing a percolator while roughing it in the great outdoors.

How To Use A Percolator To Make Coffee:

  1. Begin with the percolator method by filling the bottom chamber of the percolator with cold water.
  2. Add a couple of teaspoons of coffee for each eight ounces of water to the percolator.
  3. Finally, set the percolator on the heat source and remove it just before the boiling point.
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2. French Press

In general, heating water in a pot over a fire or on the stove is required for all of your coffee efforts, even if you don’t have electricity.

The French press, on the other hand, is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee without electricity. Given its name, you might assume it was invented by a Frenchman, but it was an Italian who filed for the patent.

How To Use A French Press To Make Coffee:

  1. Begin by warming a pot of hot water.
  2. Pour out the water and replace it with roughly eight tablespoons (you may just eyeball it) of coffee grounds.
  3. Afterwards, pour hot water (not boiling) into the pot while making sure to leave a little room at the top. Stir the mixture of coffee and water.
  4. Put the plunger on and leave the pot to brew for about four minutes.
  5. After four minutes, begin to slowly lower the plunger all the way down till you reach the bottom of the pot.
  6. Turn the lid so that the spout is open, then pour and enjoy.

3. Strainer

If you have a strainer handy, making coffee can be extremely simple.

How To Use A Strainer To Make Coffee: 

  1. Bring some water to a simmer and add the coffee grounds, estimating the quantities for various brew strengths as needed.
  2. Simmer the coffee for 3-5 minutes.

Furthermore, if you’re heating the water on a campfire, controlling the temperature might be difficult, raising the risk of unpleasant coffee even more.

4. Cowboy Style

If you don’t have many resources, try cowboy coffee, which is simply heating water over a fire and adding the coffee grounds.

Some people prefer to pour their cowboy coffee carefully into a cup, while others drink it with the grounds. This is generally considered the worst-case scenario for coffee connoisseurs.

5. Instant Coffee

I personnaly hate it. But I get that it’s very useful and easy to make.

So here’s how to make it.

How To Make Instant Coffee:

  1. Take the packet out of its box
  2. Heat up the water using any method available.

That’s it.

You may then open that instant coffee packet and pour the ground beans into your cup once the water has reached ideal temperature.

Stir and enjoy (I guess)

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