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12 Off Grid Prefab Homes You Can Buy Today

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

Prefab homes are instant houses built on factory-made parts. These parts are quickly placed where the customer wants to build the house. These are mostly found in the film industry. Anyone can build these at a very economically low price, and construction is done either in hours or days.

Prefab also offers many benefits, which you can come across in this article. The type of prefabs with the manufacturer’s information and price are outlined below.

12 Off Grid Prefab Homes You Can Buy Today

Off Grid Prefab Homes concentrates mostly on energy efficiency factors. Some prefab homes come completely off-grid; for others, you need to alter them to convert them to prefab homes.

Off Grid prefab houses are designed especially with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and a septic system. Hence it is called an energy-efficient home, and the best manufacturers to design this kind of house are Zero House, MAPA Architects, and Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Advantages of Having Prefab Homes

  1. Reduces electricity bill.
  2. It can be easily transportable at a lower price.
  3. You can construct the house at a relatively low price.
  4. A variety of prefab homes are available depending on the living climatic conditions.
  5. Quick installation time.

Disadvantages of Prefab Homes

  1. In harsh conditions, when you are planning to have a prefab home, it will cost you a lot.
  2. Depending on the weather, you are supposed to vary the prefab homes.

#1 Off Grid Prefab Homes by ZeroHouse

It is one of the more expensive prefab houses, and the price usually starts from $350,000. It is expensive because of the facilities they offer like solar panels, septic tanks, and rainwater harvesting systems. While other manufacturers won’t provide it, you must set it up separately.

ZeroHouse prefab homes are designed with the latest designs and can fit about 4 people. If you are interested in buying this, the moment you install this house, you can generate your power, harvest rainwater, and treat your sewage.

Before installing this home, you must check with the local authorities regarding composting toilets. Since, in some areas, you can have restrictions.

#2 Off Grid Prefab Homes by MAPA architects

The company is located in Brazil and Uruguay, where the starting price is $27,000. Even though they offer the houses slowly, they will not compromise the material quality. They supply high-quality custom designs as per the customer’s requirements.

The company will not provide inbuilt solar panels or sewage septic systems, but they come with a rainwater harvesting tank. You are able to incorporate any waste treatment methods without any hassles.

#3 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Jamaica Cottage Shop

Depending on the customer requirement, the price of the prefab house varies. A smaller house will come at a lower price, and a big house with more requirements will cost you more. This company uses high-quality material, and its designs are based on utility. You can get a prefab home from this company if you want an off-grid home with a more rustic look.

They offer customers different design and customization options in floor designs, septic systems, etc. You can also get prefab houses with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and sewage systems required for off-grid living.

#4 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Ark Shelter

The company offers prefab homes starting from $50,000 including the transportation and installation charges. These houses come with facilities for rainwater harvesting.

Sewage septic tanks and an option to generate the power. A small wind turbine is also provided to generate power in the winter season when the solar panel struggles to work.

#5 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Modscape

This is an Australian-based company that offers houses starting from $300,000. They come with modern and minimalist designs. They also customize the designs per the customer’s needs and include a solar panel. You can also convert the prehab houses to Off Grid prefab houses with less investment. 

They can transport the house to any part of the world in 12 weeks, and the installation time is around a day or two.

#6 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Plant Prefab

The company offers 2-bedroom prefab houses for $269,000, which is very expensive. They design eco-friendly prefab homes with high-quality materials. The company won’t build homes for off-grid living, but upon customer investment, they can convert to off-grid living prefab homes.

The company won’t include solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and septic sewage systems in its package. Customers should include these options separately.

#7 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Gray Organschi Architecture

This company specializes in modern commercial buildings and prefab houses. They created a model named “Ecological Living Module.” It is a small house, built from the ground for off-grid living, which occupies 230 square feet and charges around $50,000.

Prefab houses also include the minimum requirements like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and a septic tank.

#8 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Method Homes

This company is famous for modular construction as well as prefab homes. Their designs are unique, modern, and minimalistic. Their houses provide a lot of natural sunlight through the large windows.

They focus only on designing modern eco-friendly prefab homes, but with little investment, you can convert for off-grid living. Their starting price is around $100,000.

The company won’t offer you any solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and septic system. They will enable certain easy installation options when you bring them separately.

#9 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Green Modern Kits Casa Ti

This company offers you a big prefab house of 1200 square feet for $30,000, a relatively large one for the least price. Their design is eco-friendly with little windows.

This product was launched by a small company that loves making prefab homes and doesn’t offer you any facilities like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and septic tanks.

#10 Off Grid Prefab Homes by Modern Tiny Living

It is a US-based company that designed tiny prefab houses mostly suitable for one person. The starting price of this house is around $30,000. It is designed for prefab homes, and with little investment, users can convert them into off-grid living.

#11 Off Grid Prefab Homes by The Backcountry Hut Company

It specializes in modern prefab homes by offering a new industrial look, and the starting price is around $70,000. It is a Canada-based company but also ships to remote places in the USA.

The company designed the prefab houses in 4 modules, which should be brought separately for installation. After assembling, the house occupies a space of about 800 square feet.

Shipping charges will be high, as they transport through helicopters, which is why they can transport to remote areas.

#12 Off Grid Prefab Homes by EcoCapsule

The company is a European-based one that offers houses in the form of a capsule where the size is around 100 feet.

But you can have all the facilities required for off-grid living like solar panels, composting toilets, wind turbines, and a rainwater harvesting system. But its starting price is around $100,000, which doesn’t cover the transportation charges.


In this article, you have learned about the off-grid prefab homes for buying. Depending on the customer requirement, some will offer homes at low prices, and some charge a high cost.

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