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Where are the Best Places to Hide During Martial Law?

Last Updated: February 21, 2023

As of September 2021, over 70,000 Filippinos were detained, half tortured, and over 3,000 were killed by the Philippine military under martial law. Globally and historically, the military of any regime has taken it into its hands to decide who lives or dies.

If governments feel the need, martial law is a directive for them to potentially employ lethal force in maintaining law, order, and control.

Even only a few preppers and survivalists fully understand martial law and what could happen.

What Exactly Is Martial Law?


Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster. When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws.


Martial law is when the government and local military forces have suspended ordinary laws. The military essentially assumes control of all the country’s operations in response to disasters and national emergencies, including cataclysms.

The everyday rights of the normal citizen have become deprioritized to widescale measures. What’s good for the many, may not be good for you, the government decides.

From curfews & food rationing to extreme lethal censorship of journalists & news, historically, governments have used any means to maintain “order” or execution of a directive.

At the mercy of the government during martial law, you have options and it is possible to improve your situation during martial law.

Can You Hide From Martial Law?

There are always warning signs of impending martial law. The trick is to get out before roads are blocked and travel is severely restricted. Once martial law is implemented, escape becomes significantly more difficult. Watch out for signs and indicators that it’s to bug out.

During martial law, you will still have some movement depending on the details of the restrictions implemented. How informed you are, determines your escape risks and consequences.

If you’ve already set up your off-the-grid area to be remote enough to avoid most military entanglement, that’s almost just as good.

The most important aspect is to not feel the fear generated by martial law, and have fewer disruptions in your life from martial law impacts. The freedoms to enjoy when you’re turning out the lights or what you’re sharing with whom…should always be up to you.

Where Are The Best Places To Hide During Martial Law?

Always a number of factors with any martial law imposition, remember to keep these options in mind with a “grain of salt”, as in customize your action plans based on what’s most relevant to you and the events leading up to leaving.

Go only where you know it WILL be safe. If you enter areas that are guarded by soldiers with permission for lethal force to keep civilians away, then you risk getting shot in the head. In North Korea, crossing the DMZ in sections restricted to the public, journalists have entered a half mile in and never returned.

Option 1: Rural Areas

The fewer people that concentrate in an area reduces the risk of impact from martial law. Governments and organizations are trying to control the populations, and that analysis will always target the densely populated urban areas first.

Areas with less than a household per acre on average have even fewer resources to police that very area.
In this way, many rural communities are already self-sufficient in that the local community largely already supports itself. Far away from general resources, you’ll find farmers and survivalists alike in these areas continuing on during martial law as if nothing’s happening. But perhaps, maybe, stocking up on ammo and bolstering defensive measures along with stockpiles.

If you are not in a rural area, think of your friends and families in rural areas to collaborate, as rural communities tend to be closely knit and you could be seen as an unwelcome outsider.

Option 2: Into the Wild


The chances that troops will be deployed during martial law to unpopulated areas is unlikely and this could make it a great option for you to hide during martial law. In only extreme cases where food production is controlled by the military is when rural areas are a magnet for military forces.

If you are a survivalist or a prepper then this is what all the preparation has been for.

One thing is for certain, you will survive.

No people, no conveniences, and only your wits about you.

Only your preparation, packs, and skills will serve you now, but remember, humans are meant to at least work in pairs, making all work significantly easier, and the task of survival, even more possible.

Option 3: Your Bug-Out location


As a prepper, you already know that once your home is secure, you’re already planning your bug-out location. It’s the safe haven and quiet place away from all the hoopla and noise. As a sanctuary from martial law, it’s the perfectly pre-planned place for you to exit to.

Trips for solitude and breaks from whatever you normally do on a daily basis are a way to ensure your bunker, bug-out home, or “bushcrafted” hot is kitted.

3 days to 21 days of supplies is a great general rule of thumb, with options for longer time periods.

Reach this area once martial law has been instituted, and you are ready to ride out the storm. All kinds.

Option 4: With Other Preppers

Some areas and facilities will be abandoned when martial law starts. At the height of the pandemic, hotels and college dorms stood vacant as people buckled down in their homes. The less likely a place is noticed, surveilled, and used, the lower the chance your prepping group will come into contact with the authorities. This option does carry its own level of legal risks in trespassing. Choose wisely and based on the level of a cataclysmic event.

As a community of preppers or survivalists, you could combine resources, skills, and expertise from collaboration. Better together, and better than alone, a group stands a higher chance of long-term survival in the event of disasters leading to martial law.

Youtube, Tube Unique Wilderness

Option 5: Go Where Martial Law Isn’t

Martial law isn’t generally the same in every single region of a nation. A different state or a neighboring country might have completely different regulations. That’s the core meaning of the word, “refugee.”

If you’re comfortable where you are, and most of your preparation exists there, it may be hard to leave. The decision is up to you and the level of danger the events present. Take all factors into account, for the decision to leave and its timing, are critical in your chances of survival.

Barring the risks of travel and legal consequences of leaving an area under martial law, this is the safest long-term option to escape it.

Choosing the best area to escape martial law depends on at least five factors.

  • Wealth distribution
  • Population density
  • Proximity to declared borders
  • The overall climate of political and emergency states
  • Gun & self-defense laws


Martial law has a dramatic impact on individuals. If you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, there’s no telling what may happen. What may appear to be a directive for order, may prevent you and your family from surviving a disaster.

It is possible to be impacted less by martial law and we hope some of these ideas have helped you create your own emergency plan.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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