What Does A $47,550 IKEA Tiny Home Look Like?

Last Updated: September 11, 2022

Have you ever considered off-grid living or even a more environmentally sustainable, as well as more affordable, lifestyle?

Making the transition to off-grid living doesn’t have to be sacrificing style and comfort for usefulness.

Take a look at the Ikea BOHO XL model from Escape starts at $47,550.

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The designer of the IKEA-developed 187-square-foot houses was Escape, an RV builder. These tiny homes are built on a flatbed truck and come completely constructed, allowing you to tow your business anywhere.

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The Vista Boho XL from ‘IKEA’s partner, ESCAPE, was updated to include all of the features necessary to live a more sustainable life.

Solar panels and composting toilets are some of the additional amenities available in this edition.

These repurposed plastic bottles were utilized to create the kitchen surfaces, as seen in this image from WE ARE HOME.

Other features include a kitchen with a granite countertop, which doubles as seating for two people, and an open-air bathroom.

There’s also a lounge area complete with bean bag chairs.

The home is powered by solar panels, although they aren’t visible from the outside. Green features include reclaimed wood flooring throughout and low-flow fixtures in the

IKEA made it simple for you to fold down and store away the extra room in the kitchen if you prefer even more space.

The Ikea BOHO XL model from Escape starts at $47,550.

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