13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

Plastic bottles are not biodegradable. 

Every single person is affected by this as we live off the land.

Not enough people recycle plastic for other uses in recycling facilities.  A plastic bottle can be repurposed and reused for all sorts of projects.

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Here are 13 different (and somewhat surprising) survival uses for plastic bottles...

1. Storage Containers

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

A plastic bottle can be used to store a number of things in. You can store items such as buttons and safety pins.

You can also use them to store sugar and flour in them. The lids will keep them from being lost or from bugs getting into it.

2. Planters

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

You can make planters out of the various sizes of plastic bottles. You can plant anything from herbs to flowers in them.

Cut a hole in the side for a shallow planter or cute the top off for a deeper planter.

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These can be hung like a hanging basket or even attached to an outdoor fence or a wall for vertical gardening.

3. Dry Storage

When I say dry storage that is different than the dry food storage. You can use plastic bottles with lids to store items in for when you are around water for things such as fishing and boating.

You can keep matches, tinder, and other survival items inside for dry storage. If you or your bottle was to fall into the water then your items can be kept dry because of being stored in a closed plastic bottle.

4. Flower Waterer

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

Take a plastic milk jug and punch a bunch of tiny holes in the lid and place on the jug filled with water and use it as a waterer for your flowers and raised vegetable beds.

5. Target Practice

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

As a survivalist you need to be on top of your shooting, whether it be for food or for protection. You can set up a shooting range with plastic bottles to hone in on your shooting skills.

You can fill the bottles with water for explosions. You can also pump air into them with a hand pump and a bicycle valve stem. Once they are tight with air and you shoot it you will hear a loud bang. This is a fun reuse of plastic bottles of all sorts.

There are several things you can do to help our planet and recycling plastic is one of them. There is always a need for bottles as a survivalist and the uses can be very important for your day to day chores or outings.

6. Seed Starters

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

Cut the top off the planter and fill it with soil and start your seeds. You can also leave the top partially attached so it can close back for a single mini greenhouse for seed starting.

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Another option for this is to cut the bottle and plant your seeds in the top part and then put some water in the bottom half.Remove the lid and place the top half into the water for a seed starting waterer.

7. DIY Hose Sprinkler

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

This can be tricky to get the bottle to fit your water hose.You simply cut a bunch of small holes in the container and turn on your water. Place this in your garden or yard for easy watering.

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8. Trash Container

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

What better way to collect trash than with recycled plastic. You can form a trash can for outside gatherings by running wire through bottles forming a circle. Stack them tops to bottoms and have a trash container in no time that is original and useful.

9. Bird House

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

You can cut a large hole in the side of the bottle and put a stick in it for a perch. Hang it in a tree or somewhere birds like to gather.  In no time you will have a little bird family that you can watch.

10. Bird and Squirrel Feeders

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

As a survivalist you probably hunt to provide meat for you and your family. Having a squirrel feeder is a way to fatten them up for squirrel season and then they feed you. A plastic bottle can be turned into a bird feeder and hung up or you can attach it to a tree and feed the squirrels that you can watch out your window.

11. Carry Water to Critters

In my house we save our milk jugs for carrying water to the dogs and the chickens. The jugs are small enough that even the kids can help with this chore. You can even freeze bottles of water to help keep your rabbits cool in the hot summer months.

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12. Greenhouse

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

We have all seen the plastic bottle greenhouses. You can save all your bottles for this huge project that can be used for years.

The greenhouse can be built as large or small as you’d like or need.

You can build a hoop house with the bottles as well.

The plastic bottles can allow light in and attract heat and condensation.

13. Garden Ground Waterer

13 (Surprising) Uses For Plastic Bottles

This one is for watering a few plants at a time but being sure that they get plenty of water at a slower pace for absorption.

Leave the lid on the bottle and cut the bottom off.

Poke holes in the sides all around the bottle.

Bury thebottle, lid side down, leaving the bottom uncovered. When it is time to water you just fill up the bottle and let it do the work. This is handy especially amongst the full flower bed and tomato plants.

A plastic bottle can be repurposed and reused for all sorts of projects.

These are 13 different (and somewhat surprising) survival uses for plastic bottles.

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