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9 Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Last Updated: September 9, 2021
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Pick up these survival foodstuffs now and prepare for the end of the world with our comprehensive list of emergency food provisions!

What Are The Best Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Long-Term Disaster Survival Food

These are the instances that, while they may not happen, we should be prepared for if they do. For example, if there is an EMP attack or a nuclear catastrophe, we may be compelled to hunker down in our homes (bug in) for more than a month.

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  1. When you’re caught unprepared, things may turn ugly fast. We’ll discuss how to survive in unpleasant situations such as this one later in the book.
  2. When your food requirements change drastically due to these types of circumstances.

These are great examples of survival food that can last up to 25 years.

How To Store Store Survival Food

Sugar, for example, won’t go bad because it’s “forever” shelf-stable, but a flood might destroy it nevertheless if it is handled. A bag of sugar will not deteriorate — however if it comes into contact with flood water, it will be ruined. The same can be said for any other food packaged in a box.

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In a 25-year emergency food supply, you should have MREs, freeze-dried foods, dehydrated meals, and other sorts of survival food. However, while being shelf-stable, there are several survival dishes available today that won’t break the bank.

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1. Sugar

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Sugar, on the other hand, lasts indefinitely. Sugar hardens with time, but all you have to do is knead it to break up the chunks.

Sugar should be kept away from bugs (they want it more than people do). Sugar may last a long time if properly stored.

Benefits of Sugar

This will be beneficial to you as a food source and a bartering commodity in the aftermath of SHTF. Sugar is addicting, and if you have enough of it when no one else does, you can obtain anything you want. As a result, it’s an ideal survival food.

2. Liquor

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Aside from its obvious “calming” effects, liquor may be utilized for a variety of purposes. Anything with an alcohol content of more than 40 percent will readily accept a spark.

A bottle of booze might also serve as a valuable bartering chip. Many people during a crisis will want to get away and relax, and if you can offer that to them, you’ve already won!

3. Vanilla Extract

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Real, pure vanilla extract is highly sought after and will stay potent indefinitely. Pure vanilla extract, like fine wine, actually improves with age. It’s more expensive than imitation vanilla but it’s worth the expense if you can afford it. After a disaster, you’ll be pleased you spent the extra money.

If you’re not sure whether vanilla beans are safe to consume, read on. When you’re finished with this process, be sure to reseal the jar. If making your own vanilla extract isn’t an option, because it’s too expensive, there’s no need to worry – simply follow the instructions below.

4. Honey

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Honey is vital to life. Honey has been found in the tombs buried deep within Egyptian pyramids, suggesting that it was still edible! It never dries or goes rancid, but it may crystallize with time.

This is when people generally throw it away, but this is a big blunder. All you have to do now is heat it and stir it for a few minutes, and the crystals will disappear.

Benefits of Honey

Honey has a lot of advantages to be exploited. It’s a great source of energy and tastes fantastic in a cup of tea, among other things!

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5. Salt

Salt is a mineral which never goes bad and has always been an incredibly valuable resource. At one point, it was even thought to be used as a form of currency!

6. Rice

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Rice is a very adaptable and filling food. I can’t begin to tell you how many dinners I’ve made with more rice and sauce than meat.

Brown rice is a fantastic survival food that should last for a long time if kept pests free. Brown rice is high in oils and goes rancid after only a few months, so avoid it. White rice is very inexpensive and, as long as pests are kept away from it, it’s an excellent survival food with a long shelf life. Only store white rice because brown rice has a large amount of oil in the grain and spoils within months.

7. Cornstarch

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Corn starch is an excellent thickening substance, but it can also be used to make great sauces and thick rouxs. It’s also useful for treating sunburns and diaper rashes, as well as post-apocalyptic pest control!

8. White Vinegar

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

Although vinegar is most often used in marinades and salad dressings, it has a variety of other uses. It’s not just useful after a catastrophe; it may also help you save money at the supermarket every day!

People are generally aware that vinegar may be used to cook and clean, but there are a few more unusual applications for it that most people aren’t aware of.

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9. Maple Syrup

Survival Food Items to Stock Up Before SHTF

This is another one that I like a lot. It has great taste and variety. Maple syrup isn’t only used for pancakes. You may use this as an additional flavor enhancer in a variety of survival foods.

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