How to Store Coffee Long Term (At least 25 years)

Last Updated: August 3, 2022

Being a prepper, you might want to store products for a long time. This article will tell you how to store Coffee long-term, i.e., 25 years, as coffee is an essential drink in human life.

 A survey found that 64% of Americans drink coffee daily, cited in the “Food and Wine Magazine.” If we encounter a long-term disaster like COVID-19, it would be better to know the tips for saving the coffee powder for months or years.

How to Store Coffee Long Term

Before a detailed discussion, let us know why coffee powder or beans are going bad.

Reasons Why Coffee Beans Go Bad?

Similar to flour, coffee beans contain natural oils. When exposed to air, light, heat oxidation takes place, converting the beans to rancid. Even if it is stored in an airtight container, the beans will go rancid because of the compounds available in the beans.

But coffee beans will go rancid after a very long time. So many manufacturers suggest that you can use the coffee powder after it expires. After a long time before the coffee goes rancid, it will lose its taste and aroma, and you cannot enjoy the coffee flavour like before. Let us know the types of coffee and their shelf life so that you can store them in a better way.

Coffee Types

#1 Ground Coffee Beans

It has a large surface area and oxidizes faster when exposed to air. You can still consume the coffee for several years after its “Expiry Date.” But you will sense a lot of its flavor.

When unopened and stored in the pantry, it is best to use it for 5 months after the expiry date.

When opened and stored in the pantry, you can use the packet for 3 to 5 months after it expires.

#2 Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

Compared with ground coffee, roasted coffee beans will last a long time. This is because a chemical reaction occurs while roasting the coffee beans occurs in which the oil breaks down.

 When unopened and stored in the pantry, it is best to use it for 12 to 24 months after the expiry date.

When opened and stored in the pantry, you can use the packet for 6 to 12 months after it expires.

#3 Instant Coffee

It is prepared either by freezing or spray drying. The entire moisture content will be removed, forming a self-stable product.

When unopened and stored in the pantry, it is best to use it for 10+years after the expiry date.

When opened and stored in the pantry, you can use the packet for 1 to 10+ years after it expires.

#4 Green Coffee Beans

This is a more stable compound when compared with the roasted one. Since the natural oils will stay and make the product more stable, it lasts for a time and can be stored for the long term. Consuming the coffee after the expiry date will not change the aroma and taste of the coffee.

When unopened and stored in the pantry, it is best to use it for 5+ years after the expiry date.

When opened and stored in the pantry, you can use the packet for 12+ months after it expires.

How To Store Coffee Long Term?

Now, we are entering the actual picture of how to store the coffee from oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. Let us know the best ways of storing the coffee for at least 25 years.

Here we are outlining the best 6 ways of storing coffee beans.

#1 Freezer

As the coffee contains little moisture, you can store it in the freezer without any second thought. It stays fresh in the freezer for many years.

But there arises a small problem in keeping the coffee in the freezer; it absorbs the smell of the surrounding items. This will create a tangent and funky smell in the coffee.

To overcome this, try storing the coffee beans in resealable or non-permeable bags. Some coffee beans are available from the market in these types of bags. So, get them and store them directly in the freezer.

While using the coffee beans, allow them to cool until they reach room temperature. If not, it will start absorbing the humidity, resulting in spoilage.

#2 Storing in Airtight Containers

After opening the seal of your coffee bag, it is better to store it in an airtight container. It is the best option since the container does not contain oxygen and helps reduce oxidation and gassing-off.

#3 Storing in Vacuum Sealed Bags

Storing in vacuum-sealed bags will offer or provide you with good quality coffee. Vacuum packaging helps in protection against oxidation. To keep the coffee powder or beans for a long time, it is better to store them in vacuum-sealed bags.

One problem you will encounter after a year is stalling. As the vacuum bags are semi-porous, the aroma of the coffee will escape through them, resulting in stalling.

#4 Nitrogen Flushed Coffee

It is a process used for removing oxygen from the coffee package. High-quality coffee brands employ this method to keep the coffee flavor rich for the long term. They will start using the process after the completion of the roasting process.

To identify this product, manufacturers included a one-way valve on the bag; it is for the easy escape of the nitrogen gas. If the gas doesn’t escape, the nitrogen flushed bags may explode.

To enjoy the flavor of the freshness, you can opt for this product so your coffee will stay longer with the same freshness.

#5 Storing with Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen absorbers are nothing but a bag that consists of small packets of iron. This iron grabs the oxygen molecules. So, packing the coffee with oxygen absorbers will keep it fresh by removing all the oxygen molecules.

#6 Storing in Combination with Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

To store the coffee long-term, keeping it with the Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers is better. Mylar seems like a metallic material that won’t react with gases. When you place the oxygen absorber with the coffee and seal it, they will have no possibility of exposure to air, humidity, moisture, and light.

Storing instant coffee in this way will maintain the coffee freshness for at least 25+ years.

When stored in Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, unused green coffee beans will stay fresh for 20+years.


In this article, you have learned how to store the coffee for the long term as the reason that spoils the coffee. So, store them properly per the instructions and enjoy the fresh coffee aroma for a long time. So, invest properly while buying the coffee and the containers for storing them, which will help you save money and product.

Enjoy your coffee aroma for a long time.

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