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DIY Activated Charcoal for Prepping -Why Is It Useful, And How Do You Make It?

Last Updated: August 3, 2022

The word “charcoal” is quite familiar among people today. Most people use it in grills, barbecues, etc. Activated Charcoal is slightly different from organic material found at high temperatures between 600-900 degrees Celsius. Don’t confuse both words, as you can use activated charcoal at your home in emergencies.

The preparation process is quite simple if you have everything in hand. In this article, you will know in detail what activated charcoal is, its forms of it, its materials, and the process involved in making it.

DIY Activated Charcoal for Prepping -Why Is It Useful and How Do You Make It?

As stated earlier, activated charcoal is different from normal charcoal. The Charcoal briquettes have harmful chemicals in them. Activated charcoal will nullify the effects of consumed medicines in the past 4 to 6 hours. Don’t consume activated charcoal while using medicines. Let us get into detail to know more about activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal

It means the charcoal is activated by undergoing a heating process in the presence of a gas. It is one of the forms of active carbon. Charcoal powder is prepared by burning organic matter like wood, bamboo, coconut husks, petroleum, or coal at temperatures of 600-900oF.

In between, the charcoal powder is subjected to chloride salts and steam to create a vast network of pores for removing the impurities. It also instils the properties of activated charcoal. In the activation process, the additional surface area will be created, and as a result, it forms fine black porous granules.

Forms of Activated Charcoal

Generally, it is available in two forms- one is pill form, and the other form is powdered form. Each form serves different purposes.

#1 Powder Form

Activated charcoal finds its application in the medicinal field in making poultices. To serve this purpose, they will use the activated charcoal in powder form.

#2 Pill Form

If you prefer to consume activated charcoal, you should consider taking it in pill form. After taking in, the liquid form will decolor your mouth and teeth.

Making of DIY Activated Charcoal for Prepping

Have a look over the materials required for DIY Activated Charcoal.

  • Charcoal
  • Hammer
  • Blender
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Lemon Juice
  • Gloves
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • Coffee Filter
  • Stainless Steel or Glass Bowl
  • Distilled Water
  • Resealable Plastic Bag

Instructions for Making of Activated Charcoal

Step1- Grinding of the Charcoal

In this process, charcoal is ground to form granules or powder. You can do this with the help of a hammer by placing the charcoal in a resealable plastic bag. For effective grinding, you also use the blender.

Step2- Separate the Granules and Chunks

Using a strainer, separate the granules from chunks, then place the charcoal powder in a glass or stainless-steel bowl.

Step3- Preparation of the Mixture

To protect your hands, please wear high-quality gloves. The first step is to make the calcium chloride solution prepared by combining calcium chloride and water in 2:4 ratios.

Safety is of utmost importance in step as it affects your hands during the chemical reaction. Mix the solution into the charcoal powder and stir well until it forms a paste texture. Later set the bowl aside for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, drain the mixture into coffee filters with the help of a mesh strainer. Later rinse with the distilled water and repeat the step at least three times. After draining the complete mixture, you will enter the drying stage.

Step 4- Drying the Oven

In the drying stage, the main purpose is to remove the moisture content. You will be using an oven, and the suggested temperature is 2300F leave it in the oven for three to four hours.

Step 5- Drying on The Stove in Low Flame

Later transfer the material to the stove for drying purposes. Allow staying on the stove for the same three to four hours on low flame.

Step 6- Storing

You are on the last step of the process. The activated charcoal is ready and stored in a waterproof, airtight container.

Uses of Activated Charcoal

As the preparation is done, let us know how we can use the activated charcoal?

#1 Treatment of Poison

As the activated charcoal consists of a toxin-binding property, it can be used for treating mild poisons. It is also used to reduce the stomach pain that some drugs cause.

#2 Water Filters

Have a look over the water filter parts in your kitchen. You will find activated charcoal and a plastic screen. This helps remove bacteria, viruses, harmful substances, odors, contaminants, unwanted flavors, and particulates.

#3 Promotes Kidney Functions

We know that the body part plays an important role in maintaining body health. The kidneys act as a filtration system for the body, where activated charcoal takes the role and removes the unwanted toxins from the body.

#4 Hangovers

It has the property of absorbing the alcohol, so have activated charcoal pills while drinking or before sleeping. It helps in reducing or preventing the hangover the next day. You can find the pills in the nearby stores. 

#5 Teeth Whitening

Activated Charcoal helps in maintaining teeth health and hygiene by removing the plague. It also helps in fighting tooth staining. You will also find toothpaste made of activated charcoal. You can also use DIY-activated Charcoal toothpaste for brushing.

#6 Miscellaneous Uses

Sometimes it can also be used to create respiratory masks, reduce cholesterol levels, heal, and some ingredients in making skincare products.


 In this article, you have learned the making and uses of activated charcoal.

If prepared properly at home and stored in an airtight container, DIY-activated charcoal is used for enormous purposes.

You can also create an emergency filter for filtering the water, toxins removal, and other poisons. You can also add activated charcoal to soap. It will help in efficient cleaning and act as a disinfectant.

As the process is quite simple, try making the activated charcoal at home, this saves money and time.

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