A Beginner’s Guide To Canning – Canning Jar

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Explore the possibilities of a canning jar in this how-to guide to preserving food and storage which may just be useful in case SHTF!

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How To Preserve Food Longer With Canning Jar

Your Means to Preserving Food Longer

There are two types of canning methods: water bath canning and pressure canning. Each canning process has its dos and don’ts; pros and cons, and rules to properly preserve specific kinds of foods.

Pressure Canning

Essentially, pressure canning applies heat to food in a closed glass canning jar, such as Ball canning jars, to slow down or prevent natural spoilage. It does this by removing air from the jar to create a seal.

Canning Supplies

  • pressure canner
  • jar lift
  • canning jars, lids, and rubber rings
  • jar funnel
  • knife
  • sugar
  • syrup (optional)
  • fruit/veggies (all your choice)

Instructions or Basic Steps To Pressure Canning

  1. Read the recipe carefully, prepare the ingredients, and assemble your canning equipment.
  2. Wash, sterilize, and keep your canning equipment hot and ready for use.
  3. Wash your ingredients and prepare them according to the recipe.
  4. Scoop food into the jars leaving half an inch of headspace, then remove air bubbles.
  5. Wipe jar covers and rim with a clean damp cloth.
  6. Take the canning jar lids from the hot water, put them in place, and screw them snuggly into the jar.
  7. Place the jars in the canner using a jar lifter with at least two inches of water covering them.
  8. Process the canning jars according to instructions and recommended time and temperature.
  9. Take the jars out from the canner and place them in a wire rack to cool.
  10. Test if properly processed: Press down the center of the lead. If it pops up, it’s not sealed and should be used right away, reprocessed, or refrigerated.

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Water Bath Canning

Canning Supplies

  • water bath canner
  • jar lift
  • canning jars, lids, and canning jar rings
  • jar funnel
  • knife
  • sugar
  • syrup (optional)
  • fruits and vegetables (all your choice)

Instructions or Basic Steps To Water Bath Canning

Now you know what a canning jar can do with the two types of canning methods to properly store “the good stuff” for when SHTF.

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Take your lessons from the proverbial survivalist ants who knew when and how to preserve food in abundance.

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