Avoid Eating Processed Foods With Your Crockpot

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

The Crockpot is one of the greatest ways to slow-cook fresh, organic foods. Putting out incredible meals generation after generation, the soups, stews, and meals you can create are numerous.


With literally thousands of recipes to choose from, and fully customizable in your own DIY way, the Crock Pot is a timeless way to reduce your consumption of processed food.

After cooking fresh, organic foods, you can store your nutritious meals in your freezer, to enjoy on another cold day.

Why Go Crock Pot?

A beginner prepper is just a practical person. We begin with cutting down processed food and providing ourselves with satisfying meals for now or later.

As we try out our different recipes, we learn more about our food storage and wares.

When we naturally heat our food, instead of nuking it in the microwave, we retain both flavor and nutrition.

Meal preparation starts to become an efficient way to provide your family with wonderful, warm meals. Instead of having to prepare multiple dishes for dinner, a crockpot meal can be taken out of the freezer and placed back into the pot. Simmer as you tend to other projects and tasks around the house, and dinner is ready to go, potentially even tastier than when you first prepared your stew.

The crockpot is also tremendously safe. In the early morning, you can chuck some chicken broth, potatoes, carrots, and ground beef, and you have the makings of a very satisfying soup by the time you come back home from work.

Disasters are rare as long as you have placed your crock pot correctly and have ensured no pets or children can disturb the power cord.

A crock pot on a board on a kitchen counter

Processed Foods: Not Meant for the Human Body

Processed foods are just that: processed. Raw food products have to go through procedures of bleaching, adding flavor, and frying mixtures of chemicals that would Dr. Frankenstein hungry.

Each process takes the molecular structure of the original food to a form further and future from what nature intended. Food is meant to be picked or killed, then prepared and consumed, not chemically designed to last 50 years.

Using a crockpot will allow you to replace processed snacks with easily digestible foods. Your body will thank you! Within a few weeks of a crock pot meal integrated into your weekly meal selections, or as a hot addition to a main dish,  note feeling lighter around the mid-regions and when you’re exerting on the toilet.

Crock Pot Meals Save Money

When you think about purchasing a soup made from 100% organic ingredients from the local market, you’re essentially paying at least double what it would cost to make your own, in the proportions you desire.

Filet mignon or even strip steak cuts tend to cost more for their tenderness. But with a crock pot, you can take a slab of chuck and slow-cook it for a few hours. Enjoy your proteins breaking apart as you chew your stew.

$30 will buy your family lunch from a fast food restaurant, or you can spend the same $30 dollars for twice as many healthier meals.

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