Arthos Fixed Blade Survival Knife Review

Last Updated: August 8, 2022

A hand-sized amphibolite stone was the first stone tool used over 200,000 years ago. When ancient humans attached these first “blades” to wooden handles, the knife and ax were born. Tried and true, versatile to boot, the survival knife is the MOST useful item any survivalist can hold.



Always Look for the Best Survival Knife

The survival knife has many names. It’s been called the bush knife, the camp knife, the hunting knife, and the never-leave-home-without-it knife.

With the sheer number of years this type of tool has been useful to humans, generations of knife-makers have been constantly innovating to create the perfect version of a handheld cutting tool. The competitive industry combines a passion for effective tools and the best materials in the creation of the finest knives.

What are the Core Components of a Good Survival Knife?

In the search for the best survival knife, the Arthos Outdoor Bushcraft & Hunting Fixed Blade Knife is the ideal example.

#1 One Piece of Steel

#2 The Backend of the Blade Can Spark a Fire

#3 Strong, Easy to Use Handle

ART.H.O.S. stands for the ART of Hunting, Outdoors, and Survival

NameArthos Outdoor Bushcraft & Hunting Fixed Blade Knife
CompanyArthos Knives, RC Yates, LLC
Blade MaterialD2 Tool Steel
Blade StyleHollow ground drop point
Blade Length9.6 inches
Blade Thickness0.136 inches
Handle MaterialHigh-pressure thermoset plastic laminate and fiberglass
Handle ColorEarth-camo
Ferro Rod AttachmentYes

We came across the Arthos Outdoor Bushcraft and Hunting knife while shopping for the newest, best knife options. The Arthos knife’s clean, traditional blade design stood out amongst the rest.

Handdrawn and designed by the founder of Arthos Knives, Robert Yates (1955-2020), the Arthos Outdoor & Hunting Knife represents a reinvented knife masterpiece designed by a wisened knife-maker.

Originally a husband and wife team, Robert Yates and his wife Christina Marie Yates, lived the American Dream by selling finely crafted survival products in the 90s and 2000s, officially incorporated Arthos Knives in 2016.

As a result, Arthos Knife sales directly support the Yates Family (RC Yates, LLC). Arthos knives are available on Amazon and other survival affiliates.

Why is the Arthos 4″ Outdoor Knife One of the Best Survival Knives?

When it comes to a survival knife, I am looking for a strong, full-length blade that’s integrated into the handle. The blade is secured by screws of the finest design and handle attachment. The backend of the blade is able to spark tinder when used in conjunction with a Firesteel Ferro rod.

When I’m holding and using it, I feel confident that with every effort, the blade and handle will not slip from my fingers. The blade doesn’t bend or separate from the handle in any way; while there’s a seam visible, the entire hunting, survival, bush, and camp knife feels like one solid piece. In my sheath, I can access the knife quickly, easily, and safely. It moves with me without getting in the way and doesn’t make me concerned about awkward angles as I move and crouch. I understand that with this purchase, I’m looking at a tool, a blade, and a friend in survival for the next 20 years.

At about $65 dollars, the Arthos Outdoor & Hunting Knife is one of the best options in the under $100 dollar category.

The Arthos Fixed Blade Survival Knife Review

The Blade

The 4-inch drop point fixed blade fits perfectly in most hands for duties blunt and those requiring a little more finesse. The blade is made from D2 tool steel which is a high carbon – high chromium steel made for the toughest of construction jobs and wear & tear.

A good survival knife needs be to thick and durable as well as have a wide blade — the Arthos is nearly 2 inches wide at its widest part. With a blade thickness at 0.136 inches, the Arthos knife is more than sturdy enough for most survival jobs.

Whether you are splitting wood or starting a fire, stripping bark, or even carving, the Arthos fixed blade offers dependability.

G10 Grip

The wonderful-to-hold G10 grips are made in the US. In addition to the Kydex Sheath that holds the Arthos knife on your belt, Arthos utilizes select manufacturing techniques in order to keep most of its processing on American soil.

“I want the knife to feel as good as it looked.”

Robert Yates

The Arthos knife was designed to be a knife that handles well. Robert Yates envisioned a knife that would be a joy to hold and work with. The G10 hand grip makes just that possible. The handle travels well up to the hilt of the knife and even curves out at the base of the blade, protecting your index finger.

G10 is a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate consisting of multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh cloth impregnated with an epoxy resin binder.

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Heavy Duty Kydex Sheath with DCL Combat Loop

The heavy-duty Kydex sheath of the Arthos knife is one of the strongest materials known to man on the commercial market. With the DCL combat loop, the knife & sheath combination is very functional and attached to a belt, it’s very easy to move, kneel or maneuver.

The AweSpark Firesteel Ferro Rod Attachment

Lastly, screw in the attachment for your Awespark Firesteel Ferro rod, and you’ve got the most essential left/right side of your belt covered with one of the best multifunctional sets in survival…ever.

The AweSpark is a 3/8 by 3-inch Ferro rod with 2.2 inches of usable rod length. Holstered on the right side of the sheath (pictured below), you enable yourself a knife and Ferro rod in arms’ reach at all times. Conveniently integrated, the back of the Arthos is perfectly designed with small “teeth” to maximize sparks with the fire steel.

The Arthos Survival Knife with case and Ferro Rod


Whether you’re outdoors or working around the homestead, a dependable D2 steel blade is a hard tool with such a wide range of uses, having it within arm’s reach is really the best way to go.

In cutting away underbrush from your campsite while kneeling, the sheath completes the ease of motion and usage.

When you’re ready to spark your tinder, you do it with style. That delight in watching the flames grow from your wise choice and learned experience as a survivalist and prepper…is your reward.

Lastly, in a survival scenario, if I had to choose between a gallon of water and the Arthos kit, I’d choose the kit.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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