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7 Things You Can Do If People Find Out You’re a Prepper

Last Updated: September 11, 2022

“Are you one of those crazy preppers getting ready for the apocalypse?

This is a question that might come to mind when you look at your prepping stores and compare yourself to those around you. They live their lives in glasshouses, thinking that even amidst war and famine, everything will be just fine — as if everything will always continue the way things are.

They may ask you,

“What are you even preparing for?”

Prepping is practical. With food stores for more natural foods in your diet, and being ready for inconveniences in your family’s life, you are just covering all ends.

“How much money are you spending on all of your survival gear, stock, and inventory?”

As long as your purchases are in line with what you need, not what you want, you’ll naturally limit your purchases and keep them practical. However, if you’re going out to the gas station dressed in full gear, there are a few more things to learn.

“We’re in America, none of that is going to touch us.”

We do live in a society where some assume that the worst will never happen to them. But, in reality, someone gets hurt every day, hour, and minute, simultaneously all across the globe.

7 Things You Can Do If People Find Out You’re a Prepper

When it comes to the general public, here are a few guidelines on what to do if people find out you’re a prepper and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

#1 Don’t talk about prepping.

Have you ever had a neighbor ask you for a cup of milk?


When your cupboards and pantries are starting to look like Martha Stewart’s, it isn’t uncommon for a neighbor to think of your home when they’re out of something. Now, think about that when SHTF and grocery stores are shut down. Think about how they will view your resources when they have people depending on them. The more they know of what your prepping plans are, the more they will think of you.

When they run out of food and water, they’ll come to your home.

Often, while you’re preparing your stock or packing your gear, your friends may ask you about your stock, plans, or gear. While it’s good to engage in healthy conversation, try to refrain from boasting, flaunting, or anything that’s showing off in general. Your careful preparations and growing skills may breed jealousy. You don’t have to go into great detail about all the great survival aspects of your gear and explain every stage of your exit plans. Most people’s refrigerators include ketchup, some drinks, and freezer-burned goods.

As it takes a certain mindset to be practically prepared for all eventualities, some people won’t be able to fully comprehend what you’re doing.

But when disaster does strike, they’ll remember all the unnecessary extra details you may have talked about.

Quietly and slowly assemble items for your preparations, that’s the right thing to do.

Rule #1 of prepping is you don’t talk about prepping.

#2 Explain You Just Like Having What You Need

In contrast to the homes of some millennials, some family homes are practically stocked. There are canned goods along with spare spices in the pantry, and there is a carefully manicured garden growing flowers and herbs. When presented with “accusations” of excessive preparations, simply explain that you like having what you need around, stocked, and ready to go for easy living. Having the right food and stock results in fewer trips to the grocery market. That late-night meal made with stuff from your stores is just nice having around.

#3 On Your Bug-Out Location — You Just Need Personal Space

Many people these days live lives of busy work schedules when most of their week is filled with making sure everything at work and home is taken care of. When a family or person can find solace in a place of nature away from it all, they can recharge and return to whatever their goals and efforts are.

When people ask you about your bug-out location, simply explain it is your home away from home. You go there to relax and unwind in the calm of your mind with minimal distractions. Share that you’re going back to your roots and some simpler times to figure out all the complex stuff in life. They’ll stop questioning you and hopefully leave you be.

#4 You’re Solving Your Inflation Problem

Inflation rates over the last 100 years have steadily increased. In all graphs, little by little, the prices of items increase over time.


For example, from January 2005 to January 2006 there was 3.99% inflation. That means that something that cost $100 in January 2005 would cost $103.99 in January 2006.

In other words you add the increase due to inflation to the original amount.  

So if we have  2,555% inflation, something that cost $100 in 1913 would cost $2,655 now.

(The original $100 + $2,555 inflation).


Show the graph and explain that you’re just fighting inflation by testing the storage life of products. If you buy a 25-lbs bag of rice, and it’s still good ten years later having been properly stored, then chances are it is cheaper than buying a new bag of rice.

#5 Focus on the Real News

The U.S. government just sent over $1B in medical supplies and ammunition to the Ukrainian military (Reuters, 2022). For those people in Ukraine, and even the Russian soldiers, shit really is hitting the fan in their daily lives.

While Ukrainian Mcdonald’s restaurants in urban zones hope to reopen (BBC, 2022), citizens across the entire country remain entrenched with the mindset of

“War is really happening around me.”


#6 Personal Development and Self-Reliance

Most people who end up improving their diets & homes, and are self-sufficient in nature, tend to be pretty fit. It’s a noble goal to improve your physical appearance, conditioning, and capabilities. The lifestyles of a “prepper” and “survivalist” are actually just practical ways to live efficiently. When people have more time to work on their goals and projects, there’s naturally more development. Whenever someone asks or questions you about your numerous camping trips or interest in gear or tools, you can simply explain that you’re trying to learn how to be more self-reliant and develop yourself. Most people should just offer encouragement and go back to doing their thing.

#7 Nevermind

When in doubt, another person’s insatiable curiosity isn’t really your problem. If you’re ever presented with lots of questions and pestering comments about what you’re doing and why brush it off with a grain of salt and go back to rule #1 of prepping. Limited reactions aren’t what they’re going for, so do that and never mind.

“Always Be Ready” Max

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