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11 Items To Include In Your Winter Car Survival Kit

Last Updated: July 31, 2022

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on building a Car Survival Kit

Your biggest need isn’t the kit I just mentioned, to take care of your car, but rather a winter survival kit to take care of yourself.

If your car’s engine is still running and you have enough fuel, you can start it every 15 minutes or so to warm the car up at least a little.

But you have to be ready in case you can’t do that.

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Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

These items will help:

1.Emergency Space Blankets

Your car doesn’t have much insulation in it to hold in your body heat and the heat from the car’s heater.

But if you line the interior surfaces of the car with space blankets, you’ll be able to reflect a lot of that heat back into the car.

It will take 3 blankets to cover roof, doors, windshield and make a curtain behind the front seat. If you need to enclose the entire passenger compartment, you’ll need 5. Use duct tape to hold them in place.

These ones help retain up to 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm in a variety of conditions.

2. Scissors

For cutting the space blankets. A knife will work too, but it’s hard to cut them neatly with a knife.

3. Large Candles & Matches

To generate heat. Candles might not put off a lot of heat, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it will make.

Use matches, not a butane lighter, because butane lighters don’t work well in the cold.

4. Plastic Bags

To use as an emergency toilet, so you don’t have to leave the car. It might not be pretty or modest, but you’ll be better off staying inside.

5. High-Energy Food Bars

Your body will need a lot of calories to produce heat. While it can get those calories from fat, that’s a slow process. Better to be able to feed your body the energy it needs.

6. Water

The trick here is keeping it from freezing. Keep some sort of metal cup as well, so that you can warm the water over your candles, before drinking it.

7. Rope

If you have to go out of the car for any reason, even just to get to the trunk or clear the tailpipe, tie one end of the rope to you and the other to the car (steering wheel, for example).

That way, if you can’t see to find your way back, you can pull yourself along the rope. People have gotten lost in a snowstorm, going no farther than what I mentioned.

8. Blankets

Any old blanket will do. Keeping a few in the car will help keep the wife and kids happy when driving in the cold anyway. If you get stuck, they’ll be lifesavers.

9. Gloves, Hats and Scarves

I don’t always wear these, so I keep a set in the car. You lose body heat through the top of your head, faster than anywhere else.

10. Powerful Flashlight

I mean really powerful; one of the better tactical lights. You can use it to signal cars going down the road.

This one is a perfect addition to your car emergency kit. It also includes a belt cutter and a window breaker. You can have a look at it right here.

11. Phone Charger

Your greatest chance of rescue is when you are able to call for help. But somehow, phone batteries have this tendency to go dead, right when we really need them. Keeping a charger in your car just makes sense.

Other Great Additions To Your Kit

Your chances of survival in these sorts of situations are always better if you stay with the car.

Law enforcement officers and snow plow operators going down the road will be looking for any cars that have driven off the edge.

Your car is much more visible than you are. Besides, it provides you with shelter, which you will sorely need.

In a real emergency, you can burn your spare tire. Just realize that it will produce a lot of thick, black smoke, along with the heat it produces.

So be sure to burn it on the downwind side of the car, opening a door and burning it on the ground there.

Be careful that the flames don’t hit the car, so that you don’t start burning anything you don’t want to.

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