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My name is Max and after I failed to keep my family safe, warm and fed during a three day winter power outage I started looking for a solution so that it would never happen again.

And after seriously looking at $20,000 solar panels (and almost buying) I stumbled upon this recent discovery from MIT that should have revolutionized the solar energy industry.

I'm excited to share with you through the video we're going to get to next, but I also wanted to introduce myself because I'm going to share with you...

Other emails that are going to help you understand:

  • How you can become more self-sufficient 
  • How you can save money every month on your bills, and more importantly
  • How you can get back your sense of freedom from BIG ripoff monopolists 
  • And all of the above while living a more self-sustaining lifestyle.

So, click the orange button below thats says " click here for the MIT discovery that can cut power bills by 65%" and watch the video now.

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