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How To Charge Your Phone Without A Charger

Last Updated: December 11, 2022

When our smartphones display the low battery indication, especially if we aren’t in a place to charge them, it’s the one thing that makes us panic. In this case, what should you do? Thanks to these smart tips, you will now be able to charge the phone without a charger.

Before we get into the various methods you can charge your phone, let us show you how to build a charger for your phone out of any USB cord.

Even if it doesn’t have the right connector, your phone can be charged with any USB cord.

  1. Cut the cord at the connector end, retaining the USB connector in situ.
  2. Remove the cable’s insulation to reveal its four wires.
  3. Strip the black and red wires so that about an inch of metal wire is exposed.
  4. Remove your phone’s battery.
  5. Attach the red and black wire ends to the battery contacts using tape, making sure to align the red wire with the positive pin and the black wire with the negative.
  6. You can now recharge your phone using any of the techniques listed below.

See other techniques for charging your phone without a charger below.

Use Your Body As A Phone Charger

Electric signals are used by the body to function. Your body produces approximately 100 watts of power while at rest. You could generate up to 2,000 watts by running across the forest on the opposite side!

Whatever the case, you just need to learn how to harness it so that it can charge your phone.

You will need a charging cable for this method, although you can often make your own. A few silver coins, some paper, and a paper clip are also helpful on your hand and your phone.

Utilize the DIY method described above, or insert a USB charger into the phone.

The USB connector on the opposite end should be connected with a paper clip.

The paper should be inserted between the paper clip and the USB connector’s exterior.

Secure one penny on either end of the USB connector with the finger and thumb.

Your phone will come back to life thanks to the electrical current that runs between the finger and thumb.

Utilize Hand-Crank Phone Charger

A hand-crank charger can be used to produce electrical energy.

The electricity is generated as you turn the handle, turning on the dynamo within the charger. The top-hand crank phone chargers can charge your device by 2% after 3-5 minutes of cranking.

Numerous hand-crank phone chargers have unique connectors that let you connect them to your phone even when there isn’t a nearby charger. Additionally, they have built-in batteries so you can conserve the energy you work so hard to generate.

Put Your Phone On The Camp Stove

Some cutting-edge camp stoves employ a thermoelectric generator to turn heat from a fire into electricity. Even after your fire has been extinguished, the BioLite CampStove 2 can function as a power bank because it can produce and store three watts of electricity.

You can monitor your fire’s intensity, power output, and fan speed settings using the Smart LED Dashboard on the BioLite CampStove.

It is theoretically possible to charge your phone using this thermoelectric technology just as quickly as by plugging it into your home’s power.

Fidget The Phone Into Life

The future of survivalists may well be smartphones powered by fidgets. Imagine being able to provide your phone’s batteries with power from routine actions like rotating it on your finger. The Rotel Mechanical Mobile’s creator, Mikhail Stawsky, made it possible.

These devices use kinetic energy to offer a fun and environmentally friendly way to charge your phone. To restart the phone, simply place your finger in the hole offered and spin it around.

The second type, which features a twistable bottom to maintain the hands occupied and supply power for the phone, is an alternative.

Use Motion To Charge Your Phone

Using inductor technology, the AMPY Portable Motion Charger transforms the energy from your body into power for your phone.

You expend more energy when you engage in more vigorous activity. The gadget will still generate enough electricity to recharge your phone whether you wear it or keep it in your bag.

According to the manufacturers, one hour of intense exercise can supply up to five hours of the standby smartphone battery.

Since some users have had trouble producing much charge simply hiking, vigorous appears to be the key in this situation. Contrarily, running ought to work, but you’ll need to ensure you have enough emergency food to maintain your batteries.

Use A Solar Charger To Tap Into The Energy Of The Sun

The finest portable solar chargers harness the sun’s power to charge your phone on the go rather than relying on strenuous activities. You can affix them to your bag or hang them from a tree, and the sun will take care of the rest.

BigBlue’s solar charger uses high conversion efficiency solar panels to enable faster charging. Additionally, it has an intelligence chip that can recognize your smartphone and charge it as quickly as possible.

To use a portable solar charger, you will still need a charging cable, but since you now know how to create your own, this is not a problem. The only drawback is that since these gadgets lack a power bank, you can’t store your power for later use.

Make Use Of A Portable Solar Power Bank

The finest portable solar power bank may capture and store solar energy, much like a solar charger does. While not as efficient or quick as a specialized solar charger, a portable solar power bank will provide sufficient juice to complete a few emergency calls.

Your device will pair with the fastest charging power possible when using a powerful, quick-charging device like the BLAVOR Power Bank, which can also charge multiple devices simultaneously.

For this one, wireless charging technology is included, so you don’t need a charger.

Use An Onion As Well As An Energy Drink To Make A Charger

This method’s effectiveness is disputed, but it’s so ingenious that it is still worth mentioning.

Simply drill a few holes into an onion’s top and bottom, and then submerge the onion for 30 minutes in an energy drink like Gatorade. Remove the onion, dry it off, and then put your charger’s USB connection inside.

Millions of individuals have been persuaded by the video above, even though some claim an onion cannot generate sufficient power to charge a smartphone.

Why not give it a shot and judge for yourself?

Drink Some Fruit Juice When Using Your Phone.

In large numbers, videos of people using lemons, oranges, apples, and even bananas to charge their phones can be found on YouTube. By introducing two metals, copper and zinc, into the fruit to produce negative and positive poles, the acid inside the fruit will react with those electrodes, producing a modest voltage.

However, you won’t get very far with just one piece of fruit. Just by using under 600 oranges to power up an iPhone, this experiment provides a more accurate idea of what to anticipate. In my opinion, nobody could fit that much fruit in a bug-out bag.

Charge Your Phone Using Your Car

You can boost your phone by plugging it into the power supply outlet in your car if you’re fortunate enough to have one to bug out in.

You’ll need a vehicle charger adaptor to use this energy source, but it’s one of the simplest methods to keep the phone running when nothing else can.

Start On A Laptop

You can use one device’s battery to power another if your phone has run out of juice, but the laptop still has one. Simply connect your DIY phone charger’s USB connector to the USB port on the laptop.


You can charge your phone using any of the above techniques at home or even bugging out somewhere in the mountains if you know how to create a DIY phone charger.

All of them should give you enough power to place at least one emergency call, but some are more powerful than others. Whether it means informing your mother that you are alive or calling for search and rescue is worth it.

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