7 Survival Skills For Outdoors People

Last Updated: October 14, 2019
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Survival skills have been around since the beginning of time.

Even with the advent of modern technology, these survival skills proved time and time again that they are still important, essential, and relevant to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and preppers.

No, buying all that high-end survival gear does not make you a survivalist, but learning these most important survival skills will!

Top 7 Survival Skills Every One Must Learn

Survival Skill #1

Build a shelter

Along the same vein as knowing how to build a tent, you must also know how to build a shelter without any stakes, tarp, or store bought things. To make a shelter out in the wilderness, make a lean-to structure by using large sticks or tree limbs.

From there, use moss and leaves to fill in the gaps to keep possible rain out. Lastly, make sure to keep the lean-to small because having a smaller space will make it easier for you to retain your body heat.

In This Video from Corporals Corner We find Out What Is Possible with a Minimum Kit and Improve a simple Emergency Shelter. Enjoy!

Survival Skill #2

​What to keep in your bag

Every outdoorsman should have a toolkit of some sort before venturing out into the world. Some of the necessary items for an outdoorsman include:
• Knife
• Lighter
• Water bag
• Rope
• Flashlight
These are some of the most basic items and other outdoorsmen may have much larger lists or much larger bags and necessities for each trip. It’s important to pack only what you will need for each trip, but know that some items will always be necessary in your pack, such as what was listed previously.

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Here's a video from Tactical Rifleman, a retired Green Beret, where he covers what he carries in his “Red Bag.” Some people would call it a “Bug Out Bag” or “Get Home Bag.”  

Survival Skill #3

First aid

This one seems obvious, but it’s crucial to know how to do basics.

Everyone knows the basics of putting a Band-Aid on a cut, but it is also important to know how to care for a large open wound, how to treat a fracture, or how to treat an unknown spider or snake bite.

There are first aid certifications offered everywhere, so it would be smart to consider taking some classes or becoming certified in first aid.

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Survival Skill #4

How to  build a fire

A good campout deserves a good campfire.

But not every fire is made equal.

Watch this video to discover how to build a fire that burns through the night. Teepee, log cabin or pyramid:

These experts teach you three different ways. And, of course, they show you how to choose the right spot and how to extinguish your fire after you’re finished.

Stay warm, roast your marshmallows and remember to enjoy your campfire responsibly!

Survival Skill #5

How to setup a tent

Every backpacker should know how to set up a tent quickly and keep it secure, should the weather turn overnight.

Learn how to set up your tent efficiently, how to stake it out for stability and the best way to set up your guy lines.

Watch this REI Expert Advice Video before your next camping trip for maximum comfort overnight.

And don’t forget to practice!

Survival Skill #6

​How to collect water

This is a slightly more advanced bit of knowledge, but knowing how to collect water when you are outdoors and away from fresh water is imperative for those going on long treks away from civilization.

The obvious trick it to leave a water bottle out to collect rainwater or use a specific device to make water safe to drink from a river.

However, some use special water bags and tie them around a leafy branch of a tree and use the condensation from an overnight sleep to drink in the morning.

Related post: 17 Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water

In this episode, Decker demonstrates a simple method of collecting dew for drinking water in a survival situation.

Survival Skill #7

​How to use a compass

Navigation is one of the essentials and most outdoor's people take a compass with them on every adventure. 

But how do you use them?

In this REI Expert Advice Video, they teach you what you need to know to navigate easily, safely and with confidence.

Watch to learn the parts of the compass, how to set your declination and how to take a bearing from a map and in the field.

You can buy all that high-end survival gear but it does not make you a survivalist, but learning these most important survival skills will!

What other survival skills would you recommand to learn? We want to hear your thoughts! Comment in the section below.

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