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20 DIY Paracord Bracelet Patterns with Instructions

Last Updated: August 3, 2022

A bracelet is an article worn by men and women around the wrist. It’s known to serve several purposes as friendship bands, bangles, and many more. It’s available in several unique designs and unique colors. But here, you’ll learn about the most famous DIY bracelet patterns.

In making the DIY bracelets, paracord material is the main ingredient. Let us explain how to make the unique patterns using paracord, which makes it more fun and rewarding.

This article will provide you with the best 20 styles of DIY paracord bracelet patterns and detailed instructions on making unique and antique designs for yourself and your loved ones.

20 DIY Paracord Bracelet Patterns with Instructions

Making DIY patterns is favorable among many teens. These kids love making unique patterns by knotting the bracelet threads. Let us know the detailed instructions to make all kinds of new bracelet knots.

Here, I’m updating the latest 20 DIY Paracord Bracelet Patterns with detailed instructions.

#1 Quick and Easy Survival Paracord bracelets

The essential survival bracelet is called the cobra bracelet and is made of square knots.

Materials required for this making are

  • 8–10-foot lengths of paracord
  • Buckle
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Bracelet jig

Clear instructions for making the basic bracelet are found in the video; for beginners, it is easy if you follow it.

Pick any color of your choice, measure the wrist’s size, and check the cord’s measurement with a ruler. Multiply cord circumference by 12 and attach paracord to buckle. Now determine the length of the bracelet. If the length is fine for you, Start weaving the main bracelet using a cobra stitch and braiding the cords.

The left-hand cord should thread behind the center strands and cross it over the top of the right-hand cord and vice versa. Repeat the weave till you reach the other buckle. Now that the bracelet is ready trim it and burn the ends to secure it.

#2 Parachute Cord Bracelet

Materials required for this bracelet making are

  • Cord
  • Buckles
  • Lighter
  • Scissors

The detailed instructions for making the bracelet are as follows.

Pick two color strands in which one acts as a core part of the bracelet and is 4 inches long. The second piece should be 3 times longer than the first one. Double both the pieces and attach them to the buckle. Use the other two strands of the longer cord to tie knots. Make an L shape on one side and the same on the other. Go under the strands and over the First L shape. Pull the strands tightly. Make the knots till it covers half of the length.

Now fold the two center strands and start trimming the core strand. Melt the edges with a lighter is the last step. Again, start making square knots over the two core strands. If your knots are good and tight enough, the finishing will be good, and the ends will not come out easily.

Again, trim and melt the extra ends.

#3 Paracord Bracelet with a side release buckle

Materials required for making this bracelet are

  • 1/8″ diameter cord
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissor
  • Side release buckle
  • Torch lighter

First of all, measure the wrist with a ruler or tape and make a note of it. Hold either end of the cord and measure its center point. Now cords are pulled through either end of the loop and attached to the buckle. Measure the bracelet length and start making knots. Continue knotting till it fills the space between the two buckles. Knots should be uniform, and the same tension should be applied. Once done with the knotting, trim the excess cord and melt both ends with the scissors.

#4 DIY Jewelled Paracord Bracelet

The materials you require for this construction

  • 10 feet of 550 paracord
  • Small brooch, earring, or any jewel part
  • lighter
  • E6000
  • scissors

Start your design with a paracord yard, fold it in half, and measure the width of your wrist. This acts as the base of the bracelet. Double-check the wrist length with your wrist and tie a knot at the end.

Under the base, center the remaining paracord. Fold the right cord under the left cord and over the middle strands. To pass the left cord through the loop on the right side and beneath the right and center strands, pull them together. A half-square knot is used here. Later, a large loop to accommodate the closure knot should be left after tightening and sliding the knot up.

Continue on the left side. You may complete the knot’s second half by tucking the left cord between the right and the center strands of the square knot.

Pass the right cord through the left and middle strands through the left loop and tighten it.

Apply a good quantity of jewelry by removing the unnecessary parts. Paste it on the center of the paracord bracelet and allow it to dry for 12 hours.

#5 Two Color Core Paracord Bracelet

The materials required for the construction are

  • Paracord material of length of 5 feet in one color
  • Paracord material of length of 5 feet in another color
  • Paracord material of length of 2.5 feet in any color
  • Lighter
  • Needle
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Thread

Fix a size for your bracelet by wrapping the paracord around your wrist.

Combine the two color pieces and join them with a few stitches done with a thread and needle. Remove or melt the extra threads using scissors and a lighter. So, you can get a good finish.

Adjust all the paracords in a “t” shape and start doing the cobra stitch by holding the “T” shaped paracord on your right hand and start braiding by throwing it to the left side. You can use a ruler to stop the stitches from sliding. Check the size of the bracelet finally and remove the loose ends.

#6 Dragon’s Tongue Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this construction are

  • Buckle
  • Paracords
  • Lighter
  • Gum

Use a 12-foot length of paracord and weave the strands together. Thread the paracord through the buckle’s other end after attaching it to one end. The bracelet’s length should now be adjusted, and the cord should be woven through the first buckle’s end one more time. There should be two parallel cord pairs. Correct any twists once more before continuing.

The right free cord should be placed behind the complete bracelet, perpendicular to its length. After that, thread the outermost chord toward the right side and the left free line through the two middle cords. Tighten it by pulling on that cord. Set it up so that it remains near to the buckle.

Next, we’ll thread the cords in reverse order; this one should be underneath the two center and outermost cords. Going left to right, it will. Two accessible cords will once more be placed side by side.

The top cable should be placed over the other cord and pulled over the middle two lines and below the outermost lines.

Bring it through to the left side next. Now pull the free second cord on your right, above the outer cord, and under the middle ones. Throughout the bracelet’s length, try to untwist any cord twists.

The bracelet itself will feel firm and sturdy as you near the end. However, the strings tied to the buckle will feel a little loose. So, to tighten the last component, start threading the right line from the pin.

The left chord should then be pulled in the same manner from below and to the left. The last step is on top because turning the bracelet 180 degrees will make it simpler to move forward. Making two loops, tighten the knot.

Lastly, pass the united threads through the loops. Finally, burn and trim both ends.

#7 Fishtail Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this construction are

  • Lighter
  • Paracord
  • Clips
  • Buckles

Pick the paracords and slightly heat the ends with a lighter. Prepare bracelet buckles and start threading the cord through the buckle ends. Paracord tends to twist, so straighten your hand and untwist as you work.

Now connect your paracord to the second buckle and thread the loose ends through the paracord onto the first buckle.

Now you will get four parallel cords. Follow the same procedure and get two more parallel cords. You’ll get 3 pairs of similar lines.

The weaving process is simple and doesn’t require any techniques. First, pick two cords on the top buckle and start weaving from top to bottom. On the top buckle, remove the two free cord ends. Turn the buckle ends over to retain the cords on top if you can’t find them. You’ll be weaving upward and downward.

Thread the right-hand cord through the intersection of each parallel line on the right. Drag the free paracord horizontally to the left. With your other hand, straighten out any rope twists. Pull firmly to make the intersection small.

Do the same by taking the left-hand line. It should be inserted in the middle of the parallel vertical cords and pulled to the right. Close off the intersection.

Take a right free cord, pass it through the center, and tighten. Follow the same procedure as above with the left. Finally, burn both ends with a lighter. Now your bracelet is ready.

#8 Mosquito Repellent Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this construction are

  • 2 different paracord colors
  • Paracord bracelet clip
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Combine the two different paracord pieces with gum or melt them with a lighter. Place the cord through one end of the clip and form a loop to secure it. Repeat the same with the other ends of the cord.

Now measure your wrist size using the paracord and adjust the clip as per your requirement. It is important to decide which color should be in the middle and start braiding by forming the loops. The cord will go over, under, and through the other cord, repeating with the other end. Now adjust the cords tightly. Continue the process till you reach the end of the bracelet. As usually trim off the excess material, your bracelet is ready to use.

#9 Glowing Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for the construction are

  • LED light-up bracelet
  • Paracord length of 5 feet

Now open your light-up bracelet and lay down flat. Now start braiding using Solomon stitch on the bracelet. Complete the stitches till you reach the end.

Once you have done it, double back a couple of loops and tight your stitches. Trim and melt the excess parts.

Activate the button; your bracelet will start glowing. Finally, the product is done.

#10 Paracord Wilderness Survival Bracelet

Materials required for the construction are

  • Paracord of length 10 feet
  • Side release buckle
  • Measuring tape
  • Knife
  • Lighter

Start measuring your wrist size with the paracord. Add one inch extra to this measurement. Fold the paracord length in its half. Attach the paracord to the female end of the clip.

Next, the other end of the thread is connected to the male clip. Start sewing the cobra stitches till it reaches the male end of the side release buckle. Double check the bracelet measurement.

Once it’s fine, you can pull the loose end through the loop to the side of the female clip. The last step is to trim and melt the bracelet ends.

#11 Paracord Watch Band

Materials required for this making are

  • 10 feet paracord
  • Watch
  • Buckle
  • Scissors
  • Matchbox
  • Hemostat

Measure the size of your wrist. Noe, you need a paracord with a short and long end. The measurement of the short cord should be 20 inches, and the other cord should be the remaining length.

Now fold the cord to 20 inches long. Knot the prepared cord to the buckle and adjust tightly. Now pass the ends under the watch and attach them to the buckle ends after adjusting the bracelet length per the wrist.

Go back and repeat the same steps.

Now pull the ends through the other buckle. Now adjust your watch to be in the middle of the bracelet. Start weaving the long end under the middle of the two strands.

Now weave it in the other way, and if required, tight the loops. Continue weaving the loop back and forth till you reach the end.

Repeat the same steps on the other side. Tuck in the ends with hemostats, and finally burn the ends. Now your bracelet is ready.

#12 Fun Paracord Bracelet

Materials you require for this making are

  • Scissors
  • Paracords of two different colors
  • Buckles
  • Lighter

Now combine the different paracords by glue or melting the ends with scissors. Attach your clip to the cord and start weaving

#13 Blaze Bar Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this construction are

  1. Paracords
  2. Scissors
  3. Lighter
  4. Unbuckled plastic release buckle

Fold the cords into your half and tie a knot to hold the cord. Measure the bracelet size by wrapping the cord around your bracelet. Adjust the second buckle to fit the bracelet properly. Fold the ends towards the first buckle and remove them from your wrist. Rotate the bracelet and straighten the ends—the left end loops back towards the left side and the right end towards the right side.

Now pull the left strand to the right side. Weave the loose and right strands just like the left strands of the core. Pull the right strand up the left loop tightly. Now repeat the process. It ends up in the bracelet making. Trim the end of the cord for final finishing.

#14 Tri-Color Cobra Survival Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for the construction are

  • Two paracords of different colors in the same length of 4-5 feet.
  • Another colored paracord with 10-12 inches length

Attach the two ends of the paracord by trimming both ends. Form a loop by inserting thread from the top of the female buckle to the down of the female buckle. Now form another loop to the male buckle with the two free ends.

Adjust the length of the bracelet as per the wrist size. Now insert another paracord from the top of the male buckle to the bottom of the male buckle. Adjust the length of one end of the accent color cord to the length of the other two cords.

Now start braiding the cobra knots until it reaches the cords’ end. Now tie a final knot to the reverse of the bracelet and melt the ends for stiffness. Now your bracelet is ready.

#15 Braided Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this making are

  • Paracords
  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • Lighter

Seesaw knots are used in making this bracelet. Pick two cords of different colors and fold them equally to form a slipknot. Now to form a knot, simply grab two cords at a time from one side and the other two cords on another side.

Now start weaving the cords just like braiding your hair along the length of the cord. Finally, the bracelet is ready. Trim the extra parts and melt for stiffness.

#16 Lacey Macrame Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for this making are

  • Paracords
  • Korean cord
  • Buckle
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Button

Cut the paracords as per the length of your wrist and melt the ends—no need to melt the Korean cord. Simply cut as per the length. Prepare your cords first. Secure the folded end of the paracord under the clipboard clip after folding it in half. Using a binder clip, gently pull the strings and attach the other end to the clip.

The next step is to locate the center of your Korean cord and place it over the paracord in the top-right corner.

Bring the left Korean cord’s end, which I’ll refer to as your working cord from now on, under the left paracord, and the right Korean cord’s end under the right paracord.

Bring the working wires’ ends straight down at this point. Bring each working cord in this manner underneath the paracords. Bring the working cord over the paracord and beneath itself as you did on the left side.

Your first knot is this one. You are now prepared to begin knitting seriously after tightening it. We’ll continue the same knotting process till the end, starting from the left and later starting from the right. Tighten up the knots very carefully.

Now take the working cord and wrap it around the paracords to give a final knot in the middle.

#17 Fun and Easy Paracord Bracelets

Materials required for this making are

  • Paracords
  • Buckle
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

In this session, we will learn to make spider man bracelets.

Pass the paracord thread through the buckles and form a loop by pulling in tight. Now take the second paracord of different colors and combine it with the first one with the help of a lighter. Now measure your wrist size and adjust the length of the paracord accordingly.

Alternate which side you tie from going forward. One color should remain for the outside and the other for the pattern’s center. Check the knot to make sure you switch sides if this is not the case as soon as you get to the other clip.

Pull firmly to keep your stitches in place. To leave roughly this much paracord, trim the excess. With the side of the lighter, burn the cut ends and smooth them out.

#18 Woven Cuff Paracord Bracelet

Materials required for making this bracelet include

  • 5.5 inches length of two paracords
  • Matchbox
  • Needle and Thread
  • Pliers
  • Button

Measure the size of your wrist using the paracord. Combine the two cords with one end being short and another being long. Arrange the cords in a stack, start braiding with a large cord and repeat the weaving until it reaches the bracelet’s end.

Pulling the left cord to the right side, under and over the loop, and vice versa. Tighten the knots horizontally and vertically.

You can finish the weaving till a loop is formed at the top, which fits your button. Now flip the bracelet and start tucking the tails from the top to the back of the bracelet weave. Pass the left-hand cord and thread it under 3-5 middle-weaved cords. Repeat the same with the right cords.

Attach the button with the help of a needle and thread. After stitching the button, seal the ends with a lighter.

Trim the other end of the cords for final finishing. Now your bracelet is ready.

#19 Paracord Survival Bracelet

Materials required for making this bracelet are

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Buckles
  • Lighter or Matchbox

Measure your wrist length with the help of a paracord and fold it exactly to its center. Pass this paracord thread through the buckle; this is the place where both ends connect.

From this point, start inserting loops from the top of the right, down through the opening, and the same to the left side. Now open the buckle and pull the loop to one end of the buckle and pull it tightly.

Now check your wrist size again for more confirmation. Now start weaving the bracelet by tying a knot underneath the vertical cords of the bracelet. Do this once from the right side of the cord and another from the left side.

Now trimming the strands for the perfect look, just burn the gutted ends with the help of a lighter. Finally, your bracelet is ready.

#20 Daisy Paracord Bracelet

 Materials required for making this bracelet are

  • Paracords of three different colors
  • Lighter
  • Scissor

You can find the detailed step-by-step instructions for making a daisy paracord bracelet shown in this tutorial. This bracelet does not require any buckles. The three paracords are tied with a simple loop and closed with knots.


Through this article, you have learned the DIY making of the Paracord Bracelet. 20 Unique patterns with detailed instructions are outlined, so you can make your unique pattern by combining two or three patterns.

These are just the samples you can find more on the internet and eCommerce websites like Amazon.

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